May 30, 2015

twenty-nine weeks


This week I had one heck of a doctor's appointment, in the sense that it just wasn't your in and out appointment.  Still nothing to thrilling to report.  I got my rhogam shot and did my glucose screening (I passed, whoop whoop!) so plenty of needles for one day.  Thankfully (I guess?) they are waiting until my next appointment to give me the TDAP vaccine.  Spread all those needles out.  I asked for suggestions about my restless legs that are still driving me absolutely mad, and her only suggestions match what I've been doing.  So I guess I'm just screwed.  I'll go back every two weeks from now on, until I hit 36 weeks.

how far along:  29 weeks (compare to 29 weeks with Ryann, 29 weeks with Elsie)

size of baby:  My What to Expect app tells me she is approximately the size of a small cabbage.  17 inches and 2.9 pounds.

weight gain:  20 pounds.  Apparently I haven't gained any weight in the last two weeks.  I'm not at all upset about it, and seeing as I was still measuring almost two weeks ahead at my last doctor's appointment, I think it is safe to say baby girl is still growing.

maternity clothes:  Stupid question at this point.

symptoms: Restless legs restless legs RESTLESS LEGS.  We're driving to Omaha this coming weekend and I have no clue how I'm going to make it.  They are usually much worse in the evening hours, so hopefully driving midday or in the morning will help.  Also, all the hormones = all the mood swings.  I'm grumpy for no reason, totally stressed out, and feel weepy at the drop of a hat.  We were at a wedding last night, and Ryann was standing by me during the father/daughter dance.  I turned to her and started to say "Do you think you'll dance with Daddy like that someday?" and before the words had even finished coming out of my mouth my eyes were welling up with tears, thinking of it.  We're going to have three daughters, God willing, three weddings, three father/daughter dances.  It was too much.  I held it together though.

exercise:  I haven't been quite as active this week, but still managed to get my steps in. 96,009 of them to be exact.

cravings/aversions: Truthfully I haven't been craving anything.  My appetite has definitely slowed down, I quickly get full, and I don't really want to eat.  But I do.  It's tough.

movement: I keep waiting for us to get our calm kid, but based on the numerous in-utero dance parties that are occurring in my belly, I think this girlie is going to come out ready and raring to go right along side her sisters.

sleep:  It isn't awful by any means, but it certainly could be better.

gender: Girl.

looking forward to:  I would love to say life slowing down at some point, but I'm pretty much aware that isn't going to happen.  So I'll say I'm just excited to enjoy summer with my girls and our friends.  We're planning quite the number of play dates, and while it is exhausting, I don't want to miss out on any time with our buddies!

worries: Still the whole name thing.  That's fun.  I know we will eventually give her a name (I think that is kind of required) and Christopher would concede to my top choice if I whined enough.  But I just want a name we both LOVE.  It's tough.

I'm also a little worried we won't get carpet picked out and installed before we're supposed to move in.  Whoops.  We're working on it.  They come to pack up our stuff at our current house in exactly one month.  YIKES.

what's different this time:  Despite seeming a little whiny in the symptoms section, I think this may have been my smoothest pregnancy thus far at this point.  Since I've kind of given in to not running or working out too hard, my body doesn't hate me as much.

best moment this week:  Truthfully I was really worn out and felt kind of kicked around this week.  Just trying to get a lot of stuff done and see a lot of people and have a lot of fun.  I'd have to say watching the girls walk down the aisle as flower girls last night was pretty awesome, if you pretend they weren't trying to kill each other nearly two minutes before hand.  Oy.  They looked incredibly cute and got the job done when it came down to it!  They also both LOVED being on the dance floor and had some killer moves, especially Elsie.  We had to drag her out of the reception kicking and screaming because Ryann was ready for bed.  She told me "I just wanna dance!  I no tired!  I never ever tired!  I love DANCING!!!!!!!"  Adorable.


Erin said...

I sure am glad I have never dealt with restless legs, that does sound absolutely maddening! Also weird how differently practices handle appointments - I think if I hadn't been diagnosed with placenta previa at this last appt, I could have continued with 4 wk appts still! As it was, I want to come back in a few more times to talk more to an OB and to just make sure everything is looking okay before the c-section (sigh) at 36 weeks (double sigh).

lalalovely lindsay said...

Have you tried massages with essential oils? I find that Lavender or Relaxation Massage Oil from Young Living work wonders when I can't sleep at night, due to my RLS. My son also get growing pains in his legs and it is especially bad at night. A quick massage and he's back to sleep. Let me know if you are interested in more info! I'd be happy to send a sample of Lavender!

Lindsay :)

Julie S. said...

I had restless leg syndrome TERRIBLY when I was pregnant and my dr. put me on a medication called Requip. I took it at night when it was worst and it really helped! Just thought I would throw that out there. I totally feel for you!

Tracey said...

What type of names do you like? Perhaps the blogging community could help you find one that you both love?