June 19, 2015

thirty-two weeks


how far along:  32 weeks (compare to 32 weeks with Ryann, 32 weeks with Elsie)

size of baby:  What to Expect tells me that Babs is the size of a head of lettuce, measuring 19 inches long and weighing 3.9 pounds.  I'll believe it when I see it, Ryann and Elsie were both 19 inches at birth, and while I know they don't do much more in the length department, I highly doubt she wouldn't grow at all.  Or maybe this kid will be giant.  You never know!

weight gain:  23 pounds.

maternity clothes:  All of my non maternity stuff has pretty much officially been retired.  I attempted to wear a semi longer stretchier shirt, and the bottom of my belly kept peeking out.  Whoops.  And there is no hope for any of my regular t-shirts.

symptoms:  Hip pain, restless legs, swelling, extreme irratibility.  Yikes.  My mood swings are like whoa and I feel bad for my family.  I know they more or less understand, but I'm kind of a bitch.

exercise:  92,502 steps.

cravings/aversions: I want lots of fruit, some sweets, and nothing heavy.  I've had a slice, A SINGLE slice, of pizza a few times in the last few weeks and it makes me so sick every time.  Too much grease and cheese?  I dunno, but I want nothing to do with pizza.

movement:  Sometimes she is absolutely crazy.  I just look down at my belly thinking WTH are you doing in there?  And then sometimes she is pretty calm.  I'm still impressed at how high her body parts seem to get.  Like I'm pretty certain a foot is going to come out my armpit or something.

sleep:  I was doing alright, but this week, ohmygawd.  I was waking up for 2+ hours at a time, super uncomfortable, needing to pee, etc.  So I tried taking one benedryl two nights in a row.  While I slept, I felt like a groggy monster during the day.  The third day I took half a benedryl, and that seemed to be the magic dose.  I didn't take any last night and wouldn't you know, I was up from 2:30am-5am tossing and turning.

gender:  Girl.

looking forward to:  I want to sleep on my stomach so bad it is ridiculous.

worries:  That our carpet won't be installed and our house won't be finished when we go to move in, two weeks to go and the house is still a huge mess.  I mean we're at the point where it is pretty much livable, so it shouldn't be a huge deal.  Just the carpet.  I'm not having all my furniture moved in to a house without any carpet.  So hopefully we can get that done.  Also, the appraisal on our current house never came back.  It is the only think we're waiting for and it is starting to stress me out.  As easy as the whole home selling process has been for us, I'd hate for the appraisal to screw it up.

what's different this time:  Again, everything sounds pretty similar.  The huge difference to me is being pregnant in the summer, and dealing with heat and swelling.  I was never noticeably swollen with the other two.  This time my sandals look like I'm trying to strangle my feet.  Poor feet.

best moment this week:  Wednesday evening one of my sorority sisters, who recently moved back from DC, hosted a girls night.  It was absolutely wonderful to see some of my favorites, and the food was perfect.  I was such a happy camper.  Thank you so much Laura!

Also, we decided on a name... :o)

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