June 24, 2015

this and that + some nursery progress

::  My blog is annoying me.  The fact that I barely post anything and the fact that I haven't changed the look in FOREVER.  I keep wanting to, and start designing something, and then I hate what I've come up with and give up for a while.  The lack of posting is simply because I can barely sit still long enough to come up with a complete thought.  Restless legs are just no freaking joke and I am starting to lose my mind.  Hence the tidbit like post with crappy iPhone pictures.  You're welcome.

::  In less than a week the movers are coming to start packing up all our stuff.  I'm still in denial.  Partially because I don't want to move out of town and partially because our new house isn't finished yet.  How this renovation is taking so long I have no idea.  I'm 90% sure it will be in a state that we can move into next week, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't bitter that it is coming down to the wire.  But uh, yeah.  Moving in a week.  !!!!!!

::  Speaking of the new house, some of the progress!  I am absolutely in LOVE with our master bathroom.  I can't wait until it is finished.  The floors are awesome, the shower is going to be awesome (and huge!).  After spending the majority of this pregnancy attempting to shave in a tiny little shower stall you better believe I'm going to be taking some long showers in that thing as soon as I can.


You just have to pretend that you don't turn around and see this right now...


It will be done.  It will be done.  It will be done.  Maybe if I keep telling myself that it will actually happen.  My mom said all the kitchen appliances were installed today.  That is certainly a bonus!

::  This past weekend we were back in town checking on some things, and spent some time working on the nursery.  I am so excited to get the furniture in here and see the whole room take shape.  My mom had already painted the walls, but with Christopher and my Dad's help we got some stripes on the walls.  We did these stripes in Elsie's current room and I just think they are so pretty.  So the poor guys got stuck helping me with them again.  I'm lucky my dad and my husband love me so much.

And my dad, wow, he definitely wins bonus points.  After seeing this on pinterest I decided I really wanted to put heart decals in the closet.  Yes in the closet.  That still has doors on it.  My dad didn't really see the reason.  But he helped me measure out all the spacing for the hearts on father's day and I'm incredibly grateful.  I mean closets full of little baby clothes are adorable.  Closets full of baby clothes with little gold hearts all over it?  Exactly.  I purchased my decals from Wall Dressed Up.  Her prices were slightly higher than some I've seen on etsy, but her customer service is top notch and she is local.  She dropped the decals off at my door step just two days after I ordered them.


::  I wish I could sign up for a daily delivery of fresh watermelon.  That is all.


Paige said...

your bathroom----swoon!! Looks like a spa.

And hearts in the closet- adorable.

Meredith S said...

Love, love, love the dark wall and heart decals! Care to share the wall color? I've read your blog since you were expecting Ryann, and your nurseries are always fabulous! Also, 100% jealous of that bathroom.