July 25, 2015

thirty-seven weeks


My doctor's appointment this week went MUCH better than my check-up last week.  I was incredibly anxious going in to the appointment, worried that my blood pressure would be high again and that they would want to induce me.  But magically it was 124/86, no protein, everything is measuring just fine, my blood work has remained stable.  So I left with instructions to continue to take it easy, and to try not to have the baby until my doctor was back in town.  Haha.
how far along:  37 weeks (compare to 37 weeks with Ryann, 37 weeks with Elsie)

size of baby:  Baby girl is about the size of a winter melon (another one that I have never tried!).  19-22 inches and 6.5ish pounds.  Something like that.

weight gain:  28.5 pounds.  Not 29.  Lets make that clear.  Don't judge.  :o)

maternity clothes:  Yup.  My maternity swimsuits are barely covering the belly, so I guess it is about time to be done with this whole pregnancy thing, right?

symptoms:  The swelling is unreal.  Some nights I can barely wiggle my toes.  Headaches.  Nausea.  Restless legs.

exercise:  50,599 steps.  Still trying to do my best to take it easy.

cravings/aversions:  Nothing sounds good and yet I want to eat everything.  Definitely lean towards cold things like fruit and salad.

movement:  Today during lunch she was moving around like crazy.  My mom and the girls watched from across the table, she was absolutely insane.  I seriously can't believe how much she still moves around.

sleep:  The last several days have been pretty good in the sleep department.  I'm only waking once to pee and actually falling back asleep.  And yet I still wake up with a pounding headache.  It sucks.

gender:  I'm still in a bit of disbelief that our third girl will be here so soon!

looking forward to:  Not being pregnant and it not being a million degrees outside.  I hate that I'm not really enjoying this pregnancy, as it very well may be my last.  But I'm sorry, it just isn't fun.  I'm grateful for the ability to carry a baby, it truly is a miracle.  But it isn't super enjoyable right now.

worries:  I worry that I won't be able to make it back to KC to deliver this baby.  I know that as long as she comes out safely and healthy that we will all be fine, but I'd like to deliver at the hospital I know, with the doctor's I know.

what's different this time:  I feel like I'm much more uncomfortable than I was with the last two, and a lot of that, A LOT, has to do with the heat which is causing the extreme swelling.  Also the amount of contractions.  With Ryann I didn't have a single contraction until they administered the pitocin.  With Elsie, maybe I had a few?  Maybe?  This time?  Some sort of contractions every day for weeks.  Nothing that has really made me worry, nothing extremely painful, but they are there!

best moment this week:  I'm blanking on something to put here.  It isn't that life hasn't been good, but it has just been, well, life.  More little baby packages arriving, that's fun.  My mom finished the crib skirt.  I got my hair colored and my toes painted.  Technically I'm ready for baby girl, just a few odds and ends I want to finish up!

And another picture from this week because who knows how many belly pictures I've got left!


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