March 20, 2010

bump check: 37 weeks

Good news? I am 37 weeks pregnant today. As in full term. HOORAY! Bad news? Today is just not my day. Woke up to several inches of snow (on the first day of Spring), have been fighting with my printer, my ankles are huge, KU lost, and we are currently waiting on a plumber to come take a look at the main drain pipe in our basement because it is leaking. So until it is fixed I can't flush the toilet. At 9 months pregnant, I really can't have toilet restrictions. Please keep your fingers crossed that this guy can fix the pipe!

Like I mentioned, Ryann is considered a full term baby now, even though my due date is still three weeks away. If I were to go in labor now, her lungs will likely be mature enough to fully adjust to life outside the womb. She should weigh just under 6.5 pounds, and measure a bit over 19 inches. Ryann could have a full head of hair right now, but we will have to wait and see whether she will be sporting blond or brunette locks!

Had my first weekly doctors appointment this week, and from the doc's point of view everything is still going just fine! My Group B Strep test came back negative (hooray!), my iron levels are fine, and even though I thought Ryann hadn't been moving enough, she passed an NST (non-stress test). Even though I've been having a few contractions here and there, I declined an internal for this week. Knowing how dilated I am at this point doesn't really mean much, so I figured I could wait another week.

I seriously can't believe how close we are to meeting our daughter. She literally could come any time now, be it 4 days, or 4 weeks! I hope we don't have to wait 4 more weeks, but I am still hoping to make it to April. For some reason I just really want an April baby :o).

How far along: 37 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: +20 pounds
Maternity clothes: even maternity shirts are too short, crazy belly...
Stretch marks?: starting to find a few :o(
Sleep: thanks to my need to pee, not the best
Best moment this week: thanks to my bitter mood right now I've got nothing.
Movement: she is definitely slowing down... she's out of room!
Food cravings: not a whole lot
Gender: girl
What I miss: being comfortable
Milestones: full term baby!

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