February 1, 2013

thirty-seven weeks


written January 31st

Well, it is looking like I'll be lucky to make it to 38 weeks.  Wednesday night I wasn't feeling well, headache and nauseous, the usual.  And my meds didn't really help.  Chris took my blood pressure and it was 130 something/85.  Not alarming, but you know... This morning after Chris had already left for work I got a headache and felt queasy.  Of course now I'm mildly paranoid so I tried to take my own blood pressure.  Not the easiest thing to do.  The readings I was getting were between 140/100 - 160/110.  But I had no idea if I was doing it right.  After taking my meds my headache started to subside a bit.  I put in a call to the doc, and based on the fact that my headache got a little better, I'm not super swollen or anything and that who knows if I was taking my pressure correctly, they were comfortable leaving my appointment late in the afternoon.

My headache kind of came and went throughout the day, but never got terrible.  So I was mildly hopeful for my appointment.  Of course I'm sure I had myself worked up a little (I know I did).  But when the nurse first took my blood pressure she said it was high.  Didn't tell me what it was but said she'd talk to my doc.  So I'm just sitting on the table, pantless (covered in a sheet) waiting for my doctor to come in.  After a few minutes the nurse came back, "Well, your doctor just got called for a delivery.  There is one other doctor still here right now, would you like to see her?  I briefly talked with your doctor and she said if substitute doc thinks an induction is best she is good with that."

Whoa people, hold on.  What the heck was my blood pressure?  Which I did ask the nurse.  She said it was 142/98.  And that I had a trace of protein in my urine.  I requested that they retest my blood pressure because sheesh, you're going to induce me off of one reading?  Ok I know it wasn't just that reading, but still.  So I laid down for a few minutes.  She came back in.  110/80.  That's better.  Sub doc came in, said they wanted to run some labs, and once we had more answers we'd make a decision on what to do.  I should have the results of the labs tomorrow (today when most people are reading this) so I'll find out if they want to induce me over the weekend or not.  If they don't, I go back in Monday for an ultrasound (BPP?) and non-stress test (NST?).  So we will see.

At this point I'm not sure what I want.  I'm happy I've made it to term.  In theory I'd like Elsie to stay put two more weeks.  But if it isn't healthy for the both of us, or I'm going to have to spend those two weeks laying on the couch so my blood pressure doesn't go nuts, maybe it is just better that she be out.  I don't know.  I'm not 'ready', but when are you ever really ready for a completely life changing event?  So for now I'll do my best to take care of myself, spoil Ryann within reason, and um, do several loads of laundry, finish some crafting, do some cleaning and organizing...

The good news?  I'm nearly 3 centimeters dilated (in case the interwebs wanted to know the status of my cervix, I know you did).  So if I were to be induced, at least I'm not starting at nothing.  She did note that baby girl isn't very low, her head isn't engaged at all.  So I doubt she is in a rush to come out.  But I don't think it would take too much effort to get her there.   
how far along:  37 weeks (compare to 37 weeks with Ryann)

size of babyaccording to the bump a winter melon (seriously the bump, you pick the weirdest food comparisons), between 18.9-20.9 inches long and weighing somewhere between 6.2-9.2 pounds.  She is practicing her sucking and breathing (I would know, she gets the hiccups a million times a day), and, again, with the awesome info from the bump, should be getting her first meconium poop ready.  So glad I know that now.

weight gain:  19 pounds.  Gained 1.6 pounds this week, which is not at all surprising since I had lost 2 last week, and ate a heck of a lot of junk this week.

maternity clothes:  Even some of my maternity shirts won't cut it anymore.

symptoms:  Headaches, nausea, general uncomfortableness.

exercise:  Six walking workouts totaling 17 miles.  And some 'wogging' thrown in there too!  I've become quite the spectacle at the gym.  I can't go 20 minutes without someone asking me when I'm due, how long I have left, or remarking on how difficult or uncomfortable I must be.  I know I've seen VERY pregnant people there before.  Not sure why I am of so much interest!  Haha.

cravings/aversions:  This week, honestly, nothing crazy.  I'm not all that hungry anymore.  I think my organs have run out of room.  Definitely didn't stop me from eating half a bag of chips with cheese dip.

movement:  Not as crazy anymore, but incredibly painful when she starts moving around.  It is so weird to see limbs and such poking out.

sleep:  Surprisingly not too bad.  I wake up once or twice to pee, but generally manage to fall back asleep pretty quickly.  I am pretty much up by 5:30am, but it doesn't bother me too much.  I can get my walk in or play on my computer in the quiet before everyone else starts getting up.

gender:  Better be a girl!

looking forward to:  My mom bringing me the crib bumpers.  She sent me a picture and they look adorable!  So does the quilt she made.  Once I can get some better pictures I'll post them.  Cute cute stuff.

worries:  Oy.  Too many to even really deal with.  So I'll just stick with my resolution and try and be happy!

what's different this time:  Even with the possible blood pressure issues I'm not swelling.  Sometimes my feet and ankles feel a little tight and uncomfortable, but with Ryann I honestly had zero ankle bones.  This time I can still see them!

milestones:  baby girl is full term

best moment this week: The baby shower my bestie threw was pretty awesome.  So thankful to spend time with friends, and truly appreciate them showing their love for me and my little family.  My friends are the best!


Mrs. Jenna said...

I was induced around 38 weeks because of my blood pressure. It wasn't a fun labor (I guess, is any labor fun?!) but I had the same feelings you did. If it meant not moving for another week or being miserable and making things harder for my daughter, induction was the way to go.

Thinking about you today while you're waiting to hear!!

Amanda said...

Praying for you and baby Elsie!

Nikki said...

You look beautiful!