September 22, 2015

elsie says

Seriously.  I have got to get better about writing down what Elsie says.  She is such a character and definitely my 'class clown'.  She makes me laugh so much.

Elsie:  "I like you Ryann.  Can I be your fwend?"
well isn't that just the sweetest?  I'm sure she pulled her hair two minutes later...

Me:  "What did you do at school today?"
Elsie:  "Ummmm, my fwends was cryin' cause they wanted their mommies.  But I didn't cry.  Cause mommies always come back."  you go girl!

Oven timer beeps.
Elsie:  exaggerated sigh "Otay oven, I hear ya!"
I've obviously never been annoyed by the oven before.

Upon going in to her room to get her up in the morning.
Elsie:  "I tooted in my bed last week."

It doesn't matter if something happened two minutes ago, two days ago, or two weeks ago, it always happened last week in her world.


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