September 16, 2015

kids on skates

First.  Ryann picks out her own clothes most of the time.  Just putting that out there.  ;o)

Yesterday Christopher and I (and Thea!) took Ryann to the K-2nd Grade skating party for her school.  We almost didn't go.  I was stressing about bringing Thea or leaving her at home and feeding her and whether or not she would be a screaming mess at either location.  Plus Ryann was incredibly timid about going because she has never skated before.  But we all manned up and went for it.

Walking her in was so bizarre.  It is the same skating rink that all my school parties were held at.  I had flashbacks of waiting by the rink during the dreaded snowball skate, hoping that someone would pick me to skate with, but also panicking at the thought of having to pick a boy after that.  The tween years are so traumatizing.  Haha.

Ryann was adorable when we pulled up.  She got all excited.  "Hey that girl goes to my school!  That boy over there is in my class.  Look she goes to my school too!"  Yes dear.  They all go to your school.  It is a skating party for your school.  :o)  She excitedly pointed out some of her classmates, and was beside herself seeing the neighbor girl and Berkeley there.  And then it was time to get skates.  She had a death grip on my hand.  She was so nervous.  She doesn't take well to things she is worried she'll fail at (I'm sorry about that characteristic darling, you get it from me).  But one of the employees assured me they could tighten the wheels of the skates so they don't roll as fast so that she would have an easier time skating. 

As we rounded the corner I could see the rink.  I swear there were no less than eight kids on the ground at any given time.  That was both reassuring and terrifying at the same time.  We found a spot to sit, got Ry all laced up and told her to try and skate a bit.  One little bitty scoot later she about ate carpet.

say skate!!

Soooo... Christopher went and rented me some skates.  Now when I was in school, I had roller blades.  Because I'm cool like that.  Or something.  But I barely have a dang clue as how to move in regular skates.  I wasn't sure which one of us was going to take the other one down.  Thankfully we both survived.  I never fell, and Ryann only fell twice.  But you better believe that girl did not let go of my hand.  I was worried she'd be upset, having to skate with me, when so many kids were on their own, but she didn't seem to care.  And it was fun, watching kids come up to say hi to her, listening to her little tidbits about other kids in her class.  I truly enjoyed it, and loved getting some one on one time with my big girl.  It doesn't happen often.


Ryann opted out of the limbo and the hokey pokey, and only lasted about 45 minutes overall before she'd had enough.  I think the stress not really knowing how to skate really took it out of her.  So we returned our skates and headed back home.

Until next time Sk8Away, until next time.

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