January 3, 2016

annual cookie day 2015

I'm currently choosing blogging over a clean house or a nap because I'm sad that so many of our family memories have gone undocumented the past year.  Granted, thanks to chatbooks I've got my instagram feed to look back on.  But they generally don't tell the whole story.  So blogging.  It's one of my 2016 goals.  Which I intend to blog about when I'm done playing catch up from December!

We had our fourth (I think) annual sugar cookie baking day just before Christmas.  This year my sister (Auntie) got to participate as well so that was fun.  But for some reason the girls were just not cooperating at all.  Ryann was pissed because we wouldn't let her eat all the dough.  Elsie just wanted to do everything her way right then, and was also licking EVERYTHING, and Thea was doing her baby thing.  So I was a little peeved at first.  When we did finally get to the sprinkle phase the girls loved it.  Elsie may have used so many sprinkles that the cookies were like rocks but she was super proud of her work! 

I'm hoping that as they get a little bit older they might actually be helpful?  I mean I know half the fun of baking for them is eating dough and licking spatulas, but come on...


I'm so sad that we were unable to find more of our matching aprons for the day.  Maybe my mom should just whip up matching ones for all of us for next year.  Sounds good, right mom?  :: winky kiss face emoticon :: I love you!


Hopefully Auntie can join us again next year.  I'm sure it is just going to be a crazy hot mess when you add a one year old to the mix!


Megan - GirlMeetsFitness said...

Ah, it's been a while since I've read through my blog feed. I can't believe how big your kids are! I think it has been 4 years since I did my Day In The Life post.

Lorin said...

Auntie will make it a tradition!! Promise 😘