January 19, 2016

Christmas Day 2015

The good news:  We went from waking up every hour the night before, to a four hour stretch, a three hour stretch, and hopefully a bit more.  The bad news:  We're sleep training Ferber style.  I hate hate HATE hearing her cry.  But less than 48 hours I've already seen vast improvements in Thea's sleep and this last time I laid her back in her crib there has been ZERO crying.  We'll see how today goes, but things are looking much better.  I might actually start to feel human again!

Anyway, back to recapping Christmas.  I had imagined the girls sitting at the top of the stairs, waiting to come down until we let them.  Watching them squeal and giggle as they found their stockings and such.  Reality was Thea had me up a ton in the night, and by the time her and I got up everyone else was awake, had eaten and were watching TV.  Not the most magical beginning to Christmas morning, but I appreciate Christopher letting me sleep.

The girls were excited to find a note from Santa, and that he and the reindeer had eaten the snacks they left out for him.  They were adorable as they pulled the little gifts out of their stockings.  Elsie especially got overly excited about each item.  "Wook!  Oh my gosh its a thing yay!  Wook mama wook!"  Sometimes she hadn't even figured out what it was yet, she was just so damn happy to be emptying the stocking.  After they had a bit to enjoy their little trinkets, we took them up to the playroom to see their gift from Grammy and Papa.  A new teepee for the playroom.  Then it was back downstairs so I could open a gift from Chris.  He got me this canvas.  I'm in love with it.  I just need to find a desk for the study so I can get it hung on the wall!  Then the girls spent some time rolling and jumping on the bubble wrap my gift was packed in.  Eventually we packed up and headed to my mom's for breakfast and presents with the whole family.


Per the usual, we had chocolate chip pancakes, eggs, bacon and strawberries.  Thanks to all the steroids Elsie was on, she was ravenous and ate a ton!  And while I mention the steroids, Thea also woke up with quite the cold Christmas morning.  Coughing and boogers like crazy.  So her and Elsie were quite the pair with their crabbiness.  After breakfast it was on to gifts.


With a smaller family, we do gifts one at a time, oldest to youngest.  We had nothing else planned for the day, besides more eating, so we had to make the gift fun last!  Honestly I like it that way, and unless the family gets a whole lot bigger (which I don't anticipate) I think we'll always do it like that.  It's fun to watch each person open their gifts and enjoy them.  Ryann's most treasured gift of the morning was a Monster High Doll.  That girl has been asking for one for well over a year.  I think they are kind of awful, but it was truly the only thing she really wanted.  Elsie, again, was excited about everything.  It was so fun to watch her.  Thea, well, I think she was just feeling pretty miserable and ready for a nap.


As soon as we were done opening gifts I put Thea down for a nap.  Truthfully I can't remember how the rest of the day worked out for her, but I do know she took a pretty epic four hour nap.  The rest of the day was spent doing more eating, watching Polar Express, playing games, making dinner, and more eating.  When we left my parents we tried to take a quick drive to look at more Christmas lights, but Thea just wasn't having it.  So it was home and time for bed.


I truly can't wait to see the chaos that ensues next Christmas when Thea is mobile!

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