February 22, 2010

a baby shower

Like I mentioned, this past Saturday my lovely friends threw me an amazing baby shower. The party was held at the Signs of Life Gallery in Lawrence. Such a fun venue, you got that urban loft type feel. Here are some photos from the shower.

The banner is a little hard to see because of the light coming in from the windows, but it says 'Welcome Ryann'. I want to hang it up in the nursery for awhile, but I need to figure out where and how... It looked great Meaghan!

The punch was just cranberry juice and lemonade, no fizziness included. Just the way I like it! :o)

Whitney put together this adorable little clothesline. I am in love with the little white dress.

My sister made this poster that guests had to fill out. It says "Who will Ryann look like?" Guests then picked a feature that Ryann would receive from me, and one that she would receive from Chris. Sounds like people think she will get my nose and blue eyes, and Chris's dimples and blonde hair. I hope they are right! Oh and Whitney says she will be getting my booty :o). Poor girl...

Isn't that diaper cake adorable? Thanks Em!

Meaghan and Berk had to help me with some of the unwrapping :o). It was tough work!

The lovely ladies who put together the shower... thank you Lorin, Whitney, Katelynn, Meaghan and Kelsey!! I had such a great time, and everything looked amazing.

And a few Chi-O's for good measure. Thanks for coming girls!


Southern Belle Mama said...

Your shower looks like it was wonderful! A shower gets you so excited for baby to arrive! ...also, I Love that top you're wearing; so cute. :)

Whitney said...

It was so fun to see you and everyone! I'm so glad we still have the really exciting stuff to look forward to!

P.S. I knew you could appreciate that booty comment. I love you. :)

Anne said...

What a cute shower, I love those ball things that are hanging, what are they exactly? Also love the name that you chose. So cute.

Ashley said...

Anne- The balls are made out of cupcake papers, I believe my mom got the idea from Martha Stewart.