February 18, 2010

happy 101 award

Thanks to both Amy over at The Mistress of Oxford, and Mandee at The Bear Naked Truth for passing the Happy 101 award my way. When I started this blog it was mainly a place to account for my life's happenings, and allow friends and family to follow the hubbs and I as we updated our first home. I can't believe how much fun I am having now in the blog world, and I only hope more people will enjoy reading the random and sometimes ridiculous things I have to say!

So onto 10 things that make me jump for joy and 10 blogs that tickle my fancy...

1. the hubbs, of course

I honestly have no idea what I would do without this guy in my life. We have been together since I was 15. He knows more about me and my little quirks, and understands me in ways no one else ever will. And he puts up with all my crap. Anyone who can handle me for that much time must be a really good person :o).

2. the baby in my belly

It amazes me how much I can love something I still have yet to grasp and understand. I know I'm pregnant. I know there is a baby in my belly. But I seriously can't believe that in less than two months I will be a mother, the caretaker for another tiny precious little life. I can't believe a little human being is going to come out of my body. For now I just stare at my belly as it wiggles around in amazement (ok and sometimes with a little irritation when a body part gets seriously lodged in my ribs, or makes me have to pee).

3. my fur babies

Something that I enjoy weekly, is the Sunday morning snuggle with my cats. Chris and I seriously hit the jackpot with the two little kittens that entered our life over a year ago. They are the funniest, most loving cats I have ever had. For the past year I truly have felt like they were my kids, and I hope it doesn't make them seriously depressed when their baby sister enters the world.

4. my family and friends

Chris likes to tell me we should move to Florida, seeing as I hate cold weather and he hates his allergies (and they magically went away when we went to Florida). I told him I'm game if he can convince my parents and some of my friends to move there too. I don't know what I'd do with out them.

5. the beach

There is almost nothing better than dozing on a lounge chair on the sand, with the sun on your face and the sound of the ocean in your ears. Anyone up for a vacation right now?

6. letterpress

I'm a bit of a design geek, both interior and graphic, but an art that really drives me wild is letterpress. If I could own a press (and not have to do all the cleaning and maintaining it) I most definitely would.

7. raspberry hot chocolate

Let's be honest, I pretty much hate coffee. So anytime someone wants to go to Starbucks, I generally get some hot chocolate. But the absolute best way to do hot chocolate? Raspberry hot chocolate. Try it sometime, you just might love it.

8. home decorating and renovation
Obviously right? If only I had more money so I could buy more things and take on more projects... oh yeah and it would be nice if I didn't have to worry about pricing our house out of the neighborhood. Sigh...

9. wedding planning
For those of you who don't know, I'm working on building up an invitation design business. I figured it was the best way for me to happily put my graphic design skills to work. But in reality I love all the little details that go into a wedding. Luckily my best friend just got engaged, so I will get to play wedding planner a little bit more :o).

10. margaritas

Within 48 hours of this kid popping out, I really think I might need one. Just one. I seriously miss my margaritas. Some chicks enjoy a bottle of wine on a Friday night after a long week. Me I could use a bag of chips and a nice cold marg.

And here are 10 blogs that I truly enjoy:
1. All Things G&D
2. Centsational Girl
3. Enjoying the Small Things
4. Fly Through Our Window
5. Good Food, Good Friends, Good Life
6. Heir to Blair
7. Life in the Fun Lane
8. My Two Red Shoes
9. Working Woman's Guide to Domestic Success
10. You Paid More Than Me

I know some of these lovely ladies have already received the award, but I love their blogs so I had to share!


The Barkemeyers said...

Ashley congrats on the award! I love love love your blog and you inspire me so much. I'm so lucky to have such a great friend. And I'm totally up for moving to Florida!

Whitney said...

You're amazing! And completely deserving of that award. Your blog is my first in the morning, right before Pioneer Woman. :) Thanks for including me on your list....I love you, too!