February 28, 2010

for cat or baby?

I swear I bought a pack n' play today for the little girl in my tummy. Apparently I was confused though, it seems I bought a pack n' play for my cats.

Soph hasn't come out of there pretty much all evening...

Oh and Max thinks Ryann's toys are his toys. I turned around for a minute and he stole a teddy bear out her closet and ran under the crib. I'm not sure what is going to be more difficult, taking care of a newborn, or keeping the cats away from her stuff.


Chloe said...

Your cat is so cute! Makes me miss mine. I had to give him up because my husband's allergic.

Sandy said...

I just had a baby in June, and I have three cats. We have had some trouble keeping them out of his stuff, but they have left him alone for the most part! Good luck!