March 13, 2010

bump check: 36 weeks

Before I take you to your regularly scheduled bump post, let me pause for a moment in recognition...

(photo from

Big XII Season and Tournament Champions

And now back to the weekly post... :o)

I am one week away from being full term, and I am dipping my toes into my 9th month of pregnancy. I swear weeks 24-32 seemed to go by incredibly slow, and now I can't believe how fast this baby girl is coming. Hopefully four weeks or less until we meet miss Ryann Elizabeth!

I felt like my belly was looking lower this week, and a couple of girls at work commented on it, but seeing this picture makes me change my opinion. It looks pretty much the same as it did last week. However I have felt some more pressure way down low. Maybe this chickadee is thinking of making her exit sooner rather than later. Who knows :o)

This week Ryann should be hitting the six pound mark, and is most likely more than 18.5 inches long. She is shedding most of the down covering of hair that covered her body as well as the vernix caseosa, the waxy substance that covered and protected her skin during her nine-month amniotic bath. Unfortunately both of those substances end up in her digestive system, making her first few poos absolutely disgusting!!

I've really struggled through this week thanks to my lovely sinus infection. Seriously, the sinus headaches I've had this week have been the worst ones I think I've ever had. But thankfully my OB called in a z-pack prescription and I am starting to feel better. Being that congested however has not helped my sleeping. Combine that with the fact that Chris has to get up a little after 5 each morning (not his fault but hey) and I am one exhausted lady.

What has made this week wonderful, is the abundance of adorable little baby products that have been arriving at my house. Lets just say I have an etsy addiction. I'll do a separate post to show off some of the fun things I have gotten, but until then here is a little preview. Too cute, are they not?

How far along: 36 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: +18 pounds
Maternity clothes: yep
Stretch marks?: I have a couple itty bitty ones on my hips :o(
Sleep: pretty much awful this week
Best moment this week: packages arriving at my house!
Movement: it can be rather painful
Food cravings: nothing in particular, just food :o)
Gender: girl
What I miss: some days, my ankle bones
Milestones: completing the 8th month!


kristen said...

hope you are feeling better!!

Would you mind sharing who the etsy seller is for that set? it would be perfect for a friend of mine as a gift for her baby!!

amber said...

hi. Just found your blog. I just found out I'm pregnant and I came across your nursery pics. I love the colors on the wall. Classy! Can you tell me what colors you used? Thanks!

Ashley said...

kristen - the hat and booties set came from CrochetTLC. Here is her store address: Very cute things!