March 7, 2010

whats in a bag?

So originally I said I just needed help with swings, bouncers and bassinets. But please add diaper bag to the list. I absolutely CANNOT decide which bag to get.

So here are my requirements: I needs to be modern looking, slightly feminine, but not so much so that Chris wouldn't mind hanging on to it for a bit if he had to. Also, it needs to hold all the baby crap that I need it to hold! Here are some of the contenders...

The first bag I fell in love with is this Petunia Pickle Bottom boxy backpack. I love the pattern (well patterns, there are a few more I like) and the changing pad that folds out of the front of the bag. What I don't like? We saw the bag in person, and the largest zippered pocket seems like it might be hard to get in and out of. The bag doesn't really 'open up'. Maybe after some use it would loosen up, but I'm not sure. And the price tag of $167 makes me a little nervous to buy something I may not end up loving.

Next up for consideration? The new Coach Alex bag. I was able to see this one in person as well, and it seems as though it could be really functional. However it comes with the biggest price tag at $400. I love me some Coach, but is it really worth $400 for a baby bag? My mom does have a 25% coupon right now, so it would only be $300, but still.

This is a bag I have no seen in person, but in the baby boards I keep hearing about the Skip Hop diaper bags. On the internet I am drawn to the studio bag. I think it is cute and neutral, and looks like it has plenty of pockets and space for all of the baby items I could possibly need. And with a price tag around $90, it sounds a lot less scary than the previous two choices.

Another Skip Hop bag that interests me is the City Chic tote. I just like that it looks like a cute bag. I figure if it is going to be like my purse for the next few years, I should like it right? Price tag for this one is around $100.

My last options come from the JJ Cole collections. The first bag is the Mod Tote. I have seen this one in person, and it definitely seems incredibly functional. Plus, it comes with the cheapest price tag of around $60. So if I didn't end up loving it, I wouldn't be out quite as much as I would with all of the other bags. However I feel like resale on these bags wouldn't be too hard. They are all pretty cute and decent brands.

And here we have the JJ Cole swag bag. I think the pattern and style are really fun... it looks like a bag I would enjoy carrying. Plus I love the thick strap that looks like it can be worn as a cross body strap. Price tag for this fun little guy is $90.

So what do you think of all of these choices? Any opinions on diaper bags? Which one do you like the best just based on look? If you have personal experience with any of these bags let me know. I would love all the help I can get!


Mrs. ATC said...

If you're near a Coach outlet you might want to check it out! I got a diaper bag that I currently use as a laptop bag for $210 and it is HUGE! They probably don't have the exact one you're looking for, but it's worth a shot!

mrs.messi said...

I'm getting the JJ Cole Mod Tote. I love how the inside has so many pockets for organizing, and how it has two strap lengths.

The advice I've gotten about diaper bags has been pretty consistent - get one that zippers across the top. Apparently the ones with the flap just get annoying when you are going in and out of it.

Tara said...

I have two of these bags - first the coach one - it doesn't hold as much as you would expect, couldn't put the changing pad in it and take much of anything in the middle. The straps are a little short so it slips off the shoulder easily and can be annoying when carrying around a car seat. Oh, and the price - not worth it. I now use it as an expensive lap top.
I bought the ppb bag as a replacement and absolutely love it. I just had my second baby and already it has been a lifesaver. It holds a lot, love the changing pad and it zippers close. The backpack conversion is awesome. I don't prefer it that way but there are times when you need it like that. The downside is that the top piece velcroes over the zipper - making it noisy to undo at certain places or when the baby is asleep. Overall though, it is amazing and I would vote for it.

Ashley said...

I have the yellow Coach bag and really love it. It holds a lot...but really, not bag ever holds enough of Baby's stuff. I have found that I use the diaper bag only when I'm going out for long periods of time otherwise I ALWAYS keep a little box of baby supplies under the seat in my car. Right now I have diapers, wipes, extra clothes, bottles, pacifiers and toys Lilly may need so even if I forget something, I have a back-up in my car. Then if I'm just going to the store I can throw a few toys and a diaper in my everyday purse.

Lisa said...

With my second child I had a similar Coach bag...although stylish, eh, didn't hold as much as you might think. And the straps were kind of short and fell down a lot. I retired it as a diaper bag and will bring it back as a purse when I go back to work. Eventually. Years from now.

Third kid, I have a bag from the gap that is pretty good. Its similar to this one: (they are sold out of the one I have.)

Also at the gap, that I thought about getting because it is just oh so cute:

Also, similar to Ashley above I keep a bigger (ugly duffel) bag packed in the car with diapers + wipes for the younger two, change of clothing for all 3, a few toys, etc. That way I can just throw a few things in the cute diaper bag that I carry.

kristen said...

if you end up loving the first, gap is having their friends and family middle of this month. if you dont, i generally get invites to share - i can send you one for 30% off. let me know!
i havent seen or tried, but i do love the print of the first - they greys and yellow reminds me of the nursery!

Felecity said...

I purchased a very nice Coach diaper bag from the outlet. It was originally $400, but I paid about $150 w/taxes after using a coupon they gave me as I came into the store. The good thing is that it can easily convert into the Mompurse after its diapering days are done. I love Coach, but not for $400 I don't.

D. Ramblings said...

I have zero experience, but based on looks alone, I like the Mod Tote the best :) I think I've seen other things that match that pattern too, like a pacifier case and such.

Nancy E. J. said...

I bought that exact Petunia bag at my Gap (San Francisco) for half the original price. It came out to about $80! Our Gap is fairly large, so it may not be available at most stores, but you can check their website.