March 16, 2010

my esty love affair

So in my Saturday post I mentioned that I am slightly addicted to etsy. If you haven't browsed on etsy, I'm not sure whether I should tell you to run the other way to avoid wanting to buy too much stuff, or to sprint on over there because the items are awesome. Whichever you do, I decided to show off some of the things that I have purchased so far.

I grabbed up some of these fun little PickySticky decals. They can be attached to a white onesie, and then photographed for fun documentation of your little one throughout the 1st year of their life.

I also purchased this adorable nursing cover from Lillie and Bean. Although I have yet to use it, it seems very well made, and the fabric is so pretty.

The booties and hat that I showed a peek of recently, came from Crochet TLC. I seriously can not wait to try them on Ryann. Especially the hat. I have a thing for knit hats for some reason :o).

If you are unaware, I am a member of Chi Omega, and our 'mascot' is an owl. Therefore, this adorable owl onesie from Stoopher & Boots was a must.

And even though I don't have a Bumbo yet, I went ahead and purchased this adorable cover from Boutique Sweet Cheeks. I'd been having a hard time deciding which Bumbo color to get, because I didn't want to get a girly color, in case a little boy comes along some day, but I also don't really like most of the colors. This seemed like the perfect solution!

So there you have it, my etsy purchases thus far. The list of things I want however, is miles long! Mostly I've been browsing the baby stuff, but there are items for everyone of all ages. My wish list includes a camera strap and throw pillows. I'll let you know if I purchase anything else :o)


mrs.messi said...

Such cute stuff!

Southern Belle Mama said...

That Bumbo cover is wonderful!! I bought a pink bumbo, so if my next one is a boy I may need a cover! :)

Nikki said...

Oh my goodness, that bumbo cover is adorable! I've been wanting a sewing project, so I may see if I can make one.

Anonymous said...

so friggen cute! i cant wait to see the baby in the outfits :)

Alee said...

Hey! I just came across your blog on the nest. I have a "newlywed blog" and love meeting others in similar places in life. Your blog is darling! I am a total etsy addict too. I could look all day!

Nicole said...

I know - a comment in August from a post in March...

I just found your blog via All Things G&D and was reading through your baby posts merely because I'm due to have my own little girl in less than a week.

Just wanted to say thanks for the Etsy link to the decals! I've been trying to figure out how I'll capture her monthly photos without having to guess a onesie size for each month. This is a perfect solution!

I'm glad I found a new and fun blog!