September 10, 2010

daddy's pretty girl

This morning I asked Chris to get Ryann ready while I finished blow drying my hair. At first I didn't trust him to pick an actual outfit for her to wear, but I gave in. I told him to make sure she looked cute because we were going to see her boyfriend (aka Jenn and JT) today. He definitely made her adorable. :o)

This whole sitting up thing is so much fun for pictures. Minus the fact that I have to have a spotter, and it is a lot harder to get her in focus because I only have about 10 seconds before she starts to wobble. I'm so mad that the next three were out of focus.

(they are also coming up really pixelated, I'll fix that later...)

Way to go Christopher. You definitely helped give me one beautiful daughter.

Thanks for the cute dress Toni! :o)


Katie said...

You know who she kind of looks like? That girl Lo Bosworth from the Hills. She's so pretty!

Jenn said...

Your daughter is so cute! Love that dress she is wearing.
She has the cutest smile I have seen.