September 24, 2010

pumpkin nutella bread

Last week I came across this recipe via Bambina Babe. Umm, let me just say I'm obsessed with Nutella, and it is the perfect time for pumpkin bread, so why not combine the two right?

Actually, last week I didn't have any pumpkin, but had the stuff for my mom's banana bread, so I thought I'd give banana Nutella bread a try. It didn't exactly work out. It didn't taste bad or anything, but my Nutella just stayed in a big clump at the top. Not exactly what I was looking for. So when I made the pumpkin bread, I heated my Nutella up a little bit and swirled it throughout the dough batter. The Nutella taste isn't as strong as I was hoping, but the bread is still AMAZING.

I love pumpkin bread. When I was little and my mom would make pumpkin bread, I refused to eat it. I thought it would be gross. What was wrong with me?!?! I love pumpkin bread, and I really love pumpkin Nutella bread.



Jen said...

Yummm...thanks for sharing! I am obsessed with Martha Stewart's Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Squares, but I definitely need to try this!

Nikki said...

This is on my list of 'must makes' this fall. It looks delish!