September 20, 2010

she wants to fly

Not only does Ryann want to crawl, I'm pretty sure she also wants to fly :o). When she gets really excited (or sometimes frustrated and mad) she picks up both arms and both legs and flails. It looks like she is trying to fly away!


Sharstin said...

she is adorable! love her big smile~

sfloyd said...

My little Molly wore that same dress to church on Sunday!!! It's too cute!

Nikki said...

How cute! We are convinced that Henry thinks he can fly.

Shannon said...

That's funny! Gillian Grace used to do the same thing and we always said she was trying to swim! Bet once she starts crawling, she'll be unstoppable!

Jenn said...

Funny! Bailey does the same thing! We also say that she is going swimming.
Lately she does that and then does an inch worm impression!
Before long they both will be crawling.
By the way they are only 4 days apart so when you write about Ryann it reminds me of what I am going through. Let's get ready for the fun times!