September 25, 2010

i heart playdates

I love when Jenn and JT come over.  For starters, it is always nice to talk to someone who actually participates in the conversation, in a language I can understand.  
Secondly, it is so much fun to watch these two cuties hang out together.

Ryann was very interested in JT on Thursday.  She wasn't exactly being the most gentle, poking him in the face and touching his head and all...

... but JT didn't really seem to mind :o).

Sometimes her smile looks very mischievous.  
Makes me a little worried about my future :o).


Dani @ OK, Dani said...

Oh my gracious!
She's too cute. I love her mashing JT's head around LOL.
But that last picture is just PRICELESS

Kalen said...

The last picture makes her look like she's planning something for sure... haha. You're in for it. :P

Jennifer said...

That is too funny...JT doesn't look phased by her poking!! The picture where they are looking at one another makes you wonder what they are thinking!

Lisa said...

Oh my goodness, those pictures are soo cute!!! The pictures where they are looking at each other is too funny!!!