April 24, 2013

a day in the life - allie

There must be something about Tuesdays.  Wasn't it just last Tuesday that Elsie was a mess, and then slept great for me?  Yesterday she barely napped at all, I was all stressed about it, and then she slept from 9pm to 4am.  And went back to sleep.  Oh life.

Here is another installment of a day in the life for you.  I've only got two more posts lined up after this one, so if you're interested in participating in the series, be on the look out for a call for volunteers in the next couple of days.  For today though, meet Allie!


Hi! My name is Allie, and I blog over at Mom, Dad & Brad. My blog is also known as the Former Fat Bride, but I am having a bit of a blogging identity crisis as I've recently become a new mom to a 4 month old baby boy named Bradley! I blog about my postpartum weight loss journey, supporting my husband as he applies to medical school, and living as a happy & healthy family of 3. Our 'day in the life' is busy, fun, and full of love.

I am a full-time working mom, working Tuesday-Friday. My husband, Jordan, works in an Emergency Room, third shift. Some days I wonder how we manage our conflicting schedules, but we seem to always make it work :)

Here is our Saturday, April 20, 2012:
8:00am: I hear Bradley stirring next to me (co-sleeping). He is not quite awake yet, but I know he will be up soon..and hungry! I am pretty engorged so I pump 12oz of breast milk with an electric pump. Bradley is exclusively breast fed, but through a bottle. It's been working for us.

8:30am: I feed Bradley a 4oz bottle and hear Jordan just getting home from an overnight shift. I remember that I have a 10am 2 mile run scheduled with my dad. When Jordan gets inside I pass the baby off to him so I can hop in the shower.

9:00am: Bradley and Daddy are playing while I finish up getting ready for the day. I put on my "mom makeup" (ie. mascara) and make myself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I blow dry my hair halfway and throw it into a pony-tail.

9:30am: Jordan is getting Bradley changed and dressed for the day while I pack our bags and get dressed in my "running attire." I throw a protein bar in my purse and we are ready to head out the door by about 9:50am. Jordan will be sleeping during the time we are gone, it will be his "night time."

10:15am: We arrive at my parent's house..a little late, but no big deal. My mom (Mimi) is going to watch Bradley while my dad and I head out for our run.

11:00am: My dad and I complete our 2 mile run in training for our 5k and return back to their house. I notice my mom and Bradley are gone and realize that they went on a walk of their own. I take this time to put together a meal plan for the week. We need to go grocery shopping today as well.

11:30am: My mom and Bradley get back from their walk and I see that my mother has put a KSU bib on my baby! Shame, shame. She'll put purple on him any chance she can :)

Noon: I take advantage of the time that Bradley is napping to pump him another bottle, 6oz.

12:30pm: Bradley is awake and ready to eat! I give him his bottle and he is happy once again. My parents play with him and he shows off his newest skill..rolling from back to front!

2:00pm: We pack up and leave my parent's house, a little later than I intended, but that's okay! It is always nice to catch up with them. We head to Target to return 2 shirts that didn't fit me and pick up the grocery items needed for this week's meal plan.

2:30pm: We arrive at Target and I realize I have not eaten lunch! Bradley has fallen asleep on our drive (always) so I decide to head to the nearby Subway for lunch. Bradley sleeps the whole time I eat my sandwich, but it awake during our Target trip!

3:00-3:30pm: I try to make it quick in Target just in case he starts to get fussy, but he was perfectly fine the entire trip. He was super smiley during check out, and just overall very happy during our trip! I'm impressed.

4:15pm: We arrive home. Bradley had fallen asleep on our drive home (again) so he naps in his car seat while I put away the groceries and tidy up the kitchen and living room. Nothing too exciting.

4:45pm: Jordan is waking up for the day. Third shift is tricky, I never quite know when he's going to wake up. During this time I pump another bottle, 4oz, and feed that to him when he wakes up.

5:00pm-5:45pm: We sit in Bradley's nursery with him on the floor, playing. Bradley is really getting this whole rolling over thing down pat. Jordan and I talk about the day and just random things. We decide we are both too tired from the week to cook anything for dinner so we are going out to eat for the night! We try to only eat out once a week, so this is a treat :)

6:30pm-7:00pm: We chose to go to dinner at Chipotle. Bradley sits on Jordan's lap the entire time and is a very attentive to our eating. I also feed him a bottle while we're there.

7:20pm: We return home. Jordan entertains Bradley while I check my online class. Nothing new there so I join them. We sit around the living room and play some more. I also fold a basket of laundry that has been waiting for me.

8:00pm: I pump Bradley's night time bottle, 6oz and get him changed and in his pajamas. Jordan starts getting ready for work and I get Bradley down to sleep for the night.

8:30-9:15pm: Bradley is asleep so I decide to check facebook, instagram and my email! It feels nice to change into pajamas and unwind before I head off to bed myself.

9:30pm: I brush my teeth and crawl into bed, next to Bradley. Jordan has left for his 10pm shift at the hospital so that it my cue to fall asleep too!

-What is the most surprising thing to you about being a mom?
I am surprised at how natural my motherly instinct has kicked in! It was like I was always made to be his mom! It's been a great feeling.
-What advice would you give to new or soon-to-be mamas?
I would advise to not have too many expectations. Every baby is different, and plenty of people will give you advice..just do what works for you and your family!
-What are your top three baby products?
Medela electric breast pump, Playtex drop-in bottles, Aprica travel system

Thanks for checking out my 'day in the life' and thanks again to Ashley for hosting!


Thanks for sharing with us Allie!

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Crazycurls said...

I love your note about "mom makeup", it's so true! If I can get eye liner and mascara on I'm feeling pretty good for the day.