April 19, 2013

my girls.

So I haven't yet really gotten in pictures with both of my girls.  It's sad.  There are a couple, but I'm a picture lover and the lack of pictures around these parts is getting lame.  Part of the reason is the fact that we are in no sleep hell so rarely do I ever put on make-up, do my hair or wear real clothes.  Since I have no idea when we're going to come out of this fog and I was actually wearing real clothes yesterday (no make-up though, whatevs) I decided we would embrace the camera.

The only way to convince Ryann to play my little game was to give her control of the remote.  And this is what followed...


Haha.  She was having a blast, but wouldn't give me two seconds to get situated!  So I tried to steal the remote for couple.  They still weren't great, but I love all of these pictures.  No make-up, awkwardness, chubby cheeks and all.


Hopefully the girls will appreciate having some pictures of the three of us someday as well.  Take Emily's advice.  Get in pictures with your kids.  Whether or not you're looking your best.


Crazycurls said...

4th one down is my favorite!

Ashley@MarriedLane said...

Those are so perfectly imperfect! Someday you'll look back on these and remember how crazy life was and just love it. :)

Kelly @ Kelly the Culinarian said...

Such cute pictures!

loverstreet said...

make-up or no make-up, you look gorgeous. and let me say, had you not shared that you are currently residing in "no-sleep-hell" i would not have known.

also, ryann's face in the second-to-last photo is killing me. i wonder, does that summarize her feelings about the way this baby has completely altered her life? the looks says, "i'm onto you baby sister..."

and, can ryann please make an 80's music video in this outfit, because it is AWESOME!

Kristal said...

I love these!! And I promise they will be treasured in months/years to come. :)

J Young said...

Love these and yes, 4th down is the cutest. She looks like she is taking a race car around a hairpin turn at 100 mph. So glad you were able to get a few good ones (they're all good, but you know what I mean). :)

fifth house on the left | family blog said...

ryann kills me! that 4th picture from the top is hilarious. Classic! I'm just now starting to get out of our newborn funk and my youngest will be 6 months next week. I mean, I'm finally able to wear makeup and get semi dressed...it's a HUGE step from where I was. Now that things seem to be a bit more predictable I really need to get back at taking the camera out and taking pictures. Especially with me and both my boys in it. I don't think they have any pictures of us yet with me in it and that makes me sad. Thanks for the reminder! And remember, this stage will be over soon mamma, you're doing great! :)

Liz Runningmomma said...

Ryann makes the best faces. She is hysterical! You look amazing!

MandeeFoFandee said...

Ryann seriously has the BEST personality. you can just tell she is so hilarious and outgoing. you're going to have your hands full when she's a teen!