April 4, 2013

that's what she said

Here I go and say I probably won't be posting, and then I manage to find myself a few minutes.  Plus it is an easy post to throw up since I've just been writing down what Ry says, and already had the pictures on Flickr, waiting for a post to use them in.  For the record, the things Ryann says lately are ridiculous.  She sounds like a teenager sometimes.

Ryann:  "Tomorrow I'll be nice and I'll never ask for a sweet treat ever again."
said after a particularly rough couple of hours, and yes, she has asked for sweet treats

Ryann:  "When I was a kitty like Max I used to eat kitty food all the time.  Yeah, I was a green cat.  Green and orange."

Grammy:  "Girlfriend, are you going to drive me crazy all week?"
Ryann:  "I'm not big enough to drive you!"

Me:  sings the Honey Nut Cheerio song "Nobody can say no..."
Ryann:  "Um, well, the boy who said no to me at Monkey Bizness would say no to my cheerios."

Ryann:  "Grammy, tell me the story of David and Goliath."
Grammy:  "Well, there was a solider named Goliath.  He was big and mean..."
Ryann:  "Wait!  Hold that story!" runs to grab something from the other room

Ryann:  "Can I have a drink?"
Me:  hands Ry a cup of water, she takes a sip
Ryann:  "Eew disgusting.  I don't like water.  I want some juice."


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