April 8, 2013

oh hindsight.

Even though my body isn't what it was, I had been feeling pretty good about myself and where I am at.  Despite the fact that I know I'm eating like crap when I say I want to do better.  However on our way to Georgia I started cleaning photos off my phone, and came across all the ones from right before and right after I found out I was pregnant.

At the time I had been down on myself.  I had gained a few pounds and wasn't doing as much weight training.

Oh hindsight.  You're such a bitch.


I think I was about eight weeks pregnant in that photo.  Yep pregnant.  And still looking much better than I do now.  Yes, I'm aware it has only been eight weeks since I birthed a child.  Yes, my body does look pretty dang good given that regard.  But man.  What I would do to get my body back...

It is a good thing I ran into that photo.  I've been struggling with jumping on this whole cleaning up my diet thing.  I keep saying I'm going to do it, and then someone offers me a treat or I pick up a bag of candy at the store and all will power goes out the window.  But when we get home from Georgia?  It's on like Donkey Kong.

Again I don't plan on any extreme calorie cutting.  I know that likely wouldn't be good for my milk supply.  It's unfortunate because counting calories and keeping them low was how I had success the first time around with weight loss.  Still, putting only good fuel in my body will get me somewhere.  So this time around I think I'm going to try and avoid weighing myself, and rather take measurements.  Because really no one else will see my scale, but they will see me.  So that is what counts.  And feeling good about myself and being healthy and... whatever.

I managed a 4.5 mile run walk this week.  My longest distance in months.  I'm definitely feeling it, but every time I go a little further I feel like I might be able to get my running mojo back.  Because my goal about year from now?  To run a marathon.  Eek!


If you had a health and fitness post last week when I wasn't around, feel free to link it up this week.  And whatever posts you might have regarding the subject.  Thanks for sticking around even when I'm a little flakey!


Ashley | LifeAsAshlet.com said...

Hindsight is a serious jerk, right? You're a huge motivation to me though, truly. Today in fact I ran 3 miles (I've only ever ran that far once) and thought of you and your determination to keep me going. Creepy confession party of one? Either way, hold that chin up, mama!

Caitlin MidAtlantic said...

You'll get back there before you know it!!

Jenny said...

You look great Ashley (not that I'm stalking you on Instagram or anything)! Call me if you ever need a running buddy :)

Liz Runningmomma said...

Oh my gosh, I don't even want to look back at pictures from when I was 8 weeks pregnant! The fact that you looked so good after having Ryann is encouraging to me that I might be able to get a flat tummy again. You looked amazing then and look amazing now too!

Amber said...

The fact you looked great at the start is part of the reason that you look great now. I really believe in healthy eating and exercise as ways to help our bodies bounce back from anything. So don't you sweat it, you'll be back there before you know it!

Abby said...

You look great momma! You will get there! It's so hard with two little ones running around, but it will come. Hindsight is such a bitch, I hate her!

Still Standing ... said...

Love this idea, I will be linking up next week!

New follower ;)