May 15, 2013

a day in the life - jenn

I'm a procrastinator by nature.  I simply cannot finish anything ahead of time.  Combine that with a complete lack of time and us leaving for a 10 day vacation soon and I am a complete mess.  Thank goodness for guest posts!  Hope you enjoy getting a peek at Jenn's day.


Hi there! I am Jenn and I blog over at The Elsewhere Blog. I am a working mom to 3 year old Oskar (Ozzie) and we live in beautiful Portland, OR. I work full time in HR and run a successful photography business on nights and weekend so I am a very busy gal! Here's a sneak peek into my daily life!

5:15 am Husband's alarm goes off. I am not thrilled since I do not get up until about 6 (or whenever the kiddo comes barging into our room.)

5:45 Kiddo comes into our room and asks to snuggle. Um yes please! Generally he is cranky and barking orders. Milk! Banana! Power Rangers! Today he brought Sal the snake with him and insisted on having him in our picture.

6:00 Get up and get the kiddo situated on the couch with his breakfast and the aforementioned Power Rangers.

6:10 Get in the shower.

6:25 Decide that blowdrying is overrated and a waste of time today. Ponytail FTW!

6:50 Kiss the kiddo and Hubs goodbye.

7:05 Leave for work. My commute is about 30 minutes on average.

7:15 Stop at the drive through Starbucks since I got home from a show last night at 11:30. BAD idea. Let's be honest though... I stop for coffee almost daily, just today I was in desperate need.

7:45 Start my work day! I also post my daily outfits on Instagram #officefashionshow.

12:00 Grab lunch and head outside to Pioneer Square to attend the Winterhawks rally! Working downtown is nice on sunny days, always something to do.

4:45 Time to head home!

5:15 Pick up the Ozzie from Grammi Pami's (daycare).

5:45 Get home and water the plants, sometimes I even let him help. He tends to drown the poor things though! I told him once that water makes the plants happy, so I guess he's just making sure they are REALLY happy??

6:15 Start dinner and Hubs gets home.

6:45 Dinner! Tonight we had taco bowls, a family favorite.

7:15 Bath time!! For him, not me of course.

8:00 Bed time. This is a firm, non negotiable and he goes to bed really well most nights, we are super lucky in that dept.

8-9:30 I get to work editing sessions.

10:00 Bedtime!

Big thanks to Ashley for letting me share my day with you! You can find me on Instagram and Twitter as @oskarsmomma. Hope to connect soon!


Thanks for sharing your day with us Jenn!

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Kayla Moothart said...

I LOVE seeing people's detailed days. It is so much fun to know what everyone does and how they fit it all in!