May 13, 2013

i'd rather run for an hour

Hello Monday.  I wish you weren't here.  The weekend was wonderful and I wanted it to last forever!  I got to see lots of family and friends, and best of all, my husband had the ENTIRE weekend off for the first time in I can't even remember how long.  The weather was great.  Seriously, it was nearly the perfect weekend.  Per the usual the kiddos could have slept a little more, but what are you gonna do?

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Saturday we celebrated my lovely friend Laura's upcoming nuptials with some bachelorette fun.  To kick of the day we had a private class at Title Boxing.  I was so excited that I was able to attend, because it is a workout I'd been interested in trying, but hadn't had the guts or the time to get around to it.  Laura has been boxing for over two years, and after taking the class I am more impressed than I already was.  The class was no freaking joke, I was exhausted!  I literally said I'd rather run for an hour then take that class.  I was living for the laps between what I'll call five minute sets.  The laps I could handle.

Seriously, the class was very humbling.  I know I'm not in the best shape I've been in my life, but I'd still consider myself relatively in shape.  And I STRUGGLED through this class.  Granted I was running on four hours of broken sleep, but it was tough.  I really did enjoy punching the bag though.  A great way to get out some aggression.  Other than the laps, my favorite part was the very end of class, where we hung from the bags in sort of a bear hug for 60 seconds.  I could handle that.  If you've never tried a boxing class, and have the opportunity, take it.  Again, I'm much more confident and comfortable running for an hour straight, but boxing was a great workout and I did have a good time.

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With the bachelorette festivities and mother's day, my food choices weren't the best they could have been this weekend, but they also weren't terrible.  Slowly but surely I've found that it is much easier for me to deem a food 'not worth it'.  Mini vanilla cupcakes?  No my favorite.  A month ago I would have eaten one anyway, because it was there.  But now I know it really just isn't worth it.  I'd rather put fruit in my body than a cupcake that I won't love.

I did indulge in some bruschetta (mmmm so good), chips, brownie bites and zucchini brownies over the weekend.  But looking back overall I really didn't do that bad.  I said no to bread and potatoes yesterday at lunch, AND strawberry shortcake (mostly because I couldn't eat the ice cream).  Something that was hard to pass up was the chocolate milk after the Mother's Day 5k yesterday (which I will recap in a separate post, it went well!).  Chocolate milk is one of my favorite post race treats.  It just tastes great, and is an excellent way to refuel.  But I figured after eating cheese Saturday night, straight milk might be pushing my luck with Elsie.  She hasn't really reacted to any of my indulging though, so I'm thinking we'll be out of the clear sooner rather than later.

I'm finally seeing some of the benefits of my healthy eating.  My skin is super clear, and I've actually lost a couple of pounds.  Still four to go to get to my pre-pregnancy weight, 9-12 to go to hit my goal weight (I haven't decided my official goal) but I'm happier with where I'm at.  I'm struggling at being ok with my body right now, just because my belly is still so soft, but I can get there.  I CAN DO IT.  Just have to keep telling myself that and remind myself that this body grew two healthy beautiful babies.  It is amazing no matter what it looks like.

Oh, and planking is getting tougher, but going well.  Last night I lasted 2 minutes 8 seconds!  It is getting SO hard.  But it is fun to keep working at it.


I hope to get a little 5k recap up in the next couple of days, and next week I want to focus a little more on how we are making healthy eating easier for us.  Have a good one!

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