May 14, 2013

that's what she said

Ryann:  walking into Grammy's house "I'm so happy to be home."
Yes, she prefers their place over ours.  I would too.

Me:  "Are you done going potty?"
Ryann:  "Hold on, I'm pushing out some brown stuff.  It's called poop."
I know she'll love me for recording that one.  :o)

Me:  "I'm going to go take a shower."
Ryann:  "AGAIN?!?!?  But you showered yesterday!"
My toddler has observed the fact that I rarely manage to shower two days in a row.

while in the bathroom, after she had woken me from a very VERY deep sleep at 5:30am 
Ryann:  "Those are some nice pajamas you have on!  I like the polka dots."
Me:  groggily "Thanks."
Ryann:  "I'm going to pretend the polka dots are different colors so they can be circus pajamas."
and then she proceeded to sing the 'afro circus polka dot' song from Madagascar 3 

while I was in another room nursing Elsie I overhead the following conversation between Ryann and Christopher's Uncle, while they were eating lunch with the rest of Chris's family on Mother's Day
Doug:  "Ryann, do you like tomatoes?"
Ryann:  "Oh, no no no no.  I don't like tomatoes."
Doug:  "Does Elsie like tomatoes?"
Ryann:  giggling "Oh no!  She's too little to eat tomatoes."
Doug:  "Well it's a good thing I'm not feeding her, I might have given her a tomato."
Ryann:  "You can't feed Elsie, you don't have boobs!"



Erin said...

Ha, Annie totally prefers really anyone's house to ours too (can't say I blame her!) - she always says "Where are we going after Sue's house?" and if we say "just home" she gets a little upset. Poor kid ;)

Kelley said...

love everyone of these. She is too cute!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ashley! I came across your blog in Jan when I googled "running while pregnant" (we are trying for a baby and I enjoy running too!)An older entry of yours was the first that came up. I am not a blogger at all, but have found so many of your posts inspiring and encouraging. I have continued to follow your blogs since then. I have wanted to comment so many times, but couldn't resist today after Ryann's comments made me giggle on a not so good day! Thank you! your 'friend' from afar- Kim (south Africa)

Jenn said...

Gosh she is gorgeous!