November 20, 2013

a day in the life - megan

I'm a wee bit ready to fast forward to next week so it can be the day before Thanksgiving.  I'm ready to get all the holiday festivities in action.  Oh well.  Enjoy another day in the life with Megan!


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Hey y'all! I'm Megan and I blog over at Girl Meets Camera. I'm a mama of two and an Army wife currently living overseas with my family. This is my second time sharing a day in the life post here but with a move to Korea and a baby turned preschooler I think my day to day has changed a bit. Or maybe it hasn't... Anywho, I thought I'd mix it up a bit and share a weekend with you. Not our regular day to day. Here ya go!

6am - Up with the boy. It's Saturday but we still wake up with the trumpets outside. The joys of living near an Army base! First thing's first. Feed the cat. Nothing else gets done until he eats if I want to keep my legs. Start coffee and curse winter.


6:10 - I put on Monsters University for the boy. While I wait for caffeine I wipe down counters and start the load of dishes in the dishwasher I forgot to start last night...oops. Finally, sit down with coffee and catch up on blogs, emails, and the usual internet excitements.

7am - Oh yeah, breakfast! Let the dogs in and out 100 times. Fold the laundry I left in the dryer yesterday. Talk to some friends back in the states.

8am - Remember a rules test I have to take at roller derby practice the next day and get to studying.


8:45 - Finish up the practice test and sit down to do a puzzle with Timmy now that we are both up and functioning.


9:20 - Realize Layla's slumber party sleep over pick up time is 'before 10' and sprint through the house to shower and get ready. Run to grab her from her friends and come home. Hang out, put away clothes, kids play/scream with each other.


11:30 - I make the kids lunch while the hubs goes to the gym. I'll be a good wifey and wait for him to eat lunch. While they eat I clean up our morning mess and vacuum.


12:30 - Just kidding. I'm hungry and feeding myself. Still waiting for hubs so we can go to Osan (the air base which is where all the cool stuff is aka crepes and smoothies) Hmm maybe I shouldn't have had lunch first. I eat while the kids have a roaring contest in the next room.

2pm - Fiiinally we are all ready and out the door to head to Osan. I'm on a mission to get some coffee and leggings. We'll see what other randoms we find. Of course Layla is toting around her American Girl doll and Timmy HAS TO RIDE in the giant car cart. Between driving and shopping we manage to kill 2 hours at the exchange.


4pm - Leaving the exchange we head out into the Osan ville which is the little strip of shopping right off base. We start off looking for a purse that my sister in law is looking for and end up just walking the whole thing since the weather wasn't too cold. There's always crazy things to see while out in Korea!


5pm - We make it back home and start getting things ready to make dinner. We decided earlier in the day that breakfast for dinner sounded amazing. And it was. Of course it turned into the 'can we use every dish in the house while making dinner' game.


6:30 - Done with dinner. Kids watch the end of The Lorax on tv while we clean up the kitchen mess.

7pm - PJ time! Kids get ready and get in bed to read or do whatever they do before they fall asleep. But they're in bed! Movie time for mom and dad...and the cat.


Ok, now for some questions...

1. What is the most surprising thing to you about being a mom? I think the fact that my kids feel like my little best friends is different than I expected. I don't remember feeling like my mom as a BFF until I was grown. I adore my kids and I love hanging out with them. Usually...

2. What advice would you give to new or soon-to-be mamas? Don't lose yourself. Having a new baby is HARD work. Make sure you don't get too caught up in just surviving it. Take time out for you. Happy mamas make happy families.

3. What are your top three baby products? I don't have babies anymore but I want to give a shout out to the Ergo (or any similar carrier) baby carrier. Sadly I discovered it late in the baby years and my son would only stand being in it for a few months before he needed to be down and walking...and well, he's just heavy now. I wish I would have had one and used it from the get go!


Thanks for sharing with us again, Megan!

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