November 19, 2013

proud(ish) mama moment

This past week the whole fam (including Christopher!) packed up and headed to Georgia.  My parents had been visiting my sister in Miami, and met us in St. Simons.  Chris had two fellowship interviews in Florida, so we made use of his needing the week off and he drove back and forth between my parents place and his interviews.  I'll probably dump some of the photos here in the next week, but for now I had a little story I needed to write down.

On the way back home we flew from Jacksonville to Atlanta, and then on to Kansas City.  Our layover in Atlanta was just under two hours, so we grabbed some Chick Fil A, found our gate and ate our lunch.  Then I was back and forth between the bathroom and the gate, changing Elsie, taking Ryann to the bathroom, using the restroom myself.  I felt like I was all over the place, but at one point Chris had control of both girls so I took a moment to sit down.

A man approached me, a pilot I believe who was traveling home.  He asked me how old Ryann was.  He said he'd come across many children in airports and in the air, and began praising me for how well we had obviously raised Ryann.  He continued with, "She is so articulate and well spoken.  Listening to her converse has been a real treat.  I can tell she is very intelligent."  My cheeks flushed and a smile spread across my face.  I thanked him as I turned to look at my sweet girl. 

And I just had to laugh as I said, "Just ignore the fact that she is currently licking the window."

Strong work Ryann, strong work.  :o)


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Anonymous said...

Good job, mama! It's awesome to get recognition from someone, especially when you're going crazy!