April 4, 2014

dear ryann

My sweet girl,

Naturally I'm a little behind on writing this letter to you.  But only by a fewish days.  And honestly with the amount of writing I've been doing lately (um, none?) I'm going to call a few days late a win.  I just couldn't let a birthday go by without leaving you a note.

Ryann my dear, you are amazing.  An absolute handful, and the biggest drama queen I've ever met second only to maybe your Auntie Lorin, but still.  AMAZING.  You feel all your emotions 110%.  When you are happy or excited you simply can't contain yourself.  When you are sad you feel like the world is ending.  When you're mad I'm pretty sure your head just might explode.  All that to say I believe you will be passionate about your thoughts and beliefs and I hope I that doesn't change.  Stand up for what you think is right (as long as at some point you become a bit more rational about things as well :o).

Darling girl, you are smart and quite clever.  And you make me laugh so much with the ridiculous things you say and funny questions you ask.  Granted half the time if I actually laugh you're pissed and get easily embarrassed, so I have to be very careful with that.  But really, you're funny.  Lately you want to be so independent, you want to do everything, EVERYTHING by yourself.  It can be frustrating for both of us, for you because you quickly get mad when you can't figure something out, and me because I know I can do it faster.  But we're learning to work together and I'm trying to breathe and let you be.  Even if it means we're always 10 minutes late wherever we go.  ALWAYS.

Ry our relationship has changed a lot in the last year.  I'd be lying if I said it doesn't make me sad.  I'm so happy your sister is in our life, I love her, you love her.  But I'm no longer your go to.  You prefer other people over me.  And I can't give you all the attention you want all the time.  Of course it is just fine for you to share some of the attention, but it always stings a little when you point out that I could have done this or that with you if Elsie wasn't here.  I hope that as you get older we can create a really strong bond, because I love you so much, I hope you always know that.

Girlie your future is bright.  The sky is your limit.  I love you with all my heart.



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Kristin {Sea Cow Circus} said...

Beautifully written, and I love that last photo of the two of you :) I think it's awesome that Ryann will have these birthday letters to look back on years from now.