April 7, 2014

my running inspiration

Lately my runs have been hard.  I feel like I'm dragging bags of lead with me.  No doubt it is related to my poor eating habits as of late and not enough sleep.  As well as not really strength training therefore not being as strong.  Whatever the reason they have been tough.  This weekend I had 10 miles on the schedule.  Actually that was my goal last weekend but I just didn't push through, only covering 7 miles.  So this weekend it was kind of a must if I want to finish a half in a few weeks.

I doubted myself nearly the entire way, thinking I was going to have to walk home, or call my mom to come get me.  It just didn't seem like I am strong enough right now to make it all the way.  But instead of giving up, I channeled a sweet and vibrant six-year-old soul to keep me going.  I've talked about Miss Berkeley Paige here and there, if you don't know her story visit Berkeley's Battle on facebook.  That girl, that CHILD, is facing more difficulty in her life than I can even imagine right now.  Week after week being poked and prodded and pumped full of chemicals.  And yet, she marches on with a smile on her face.  She is still going to school and attending dance competitions and determined to enjoy her day when most adults would crawl under their covers and give up.

If Berkeley can battle cancer there is no reason I can't put one foot in front of the other and keep going.  There is no excuse that even comes close to measuring up.  So I just kept running.  10.2 miles and more hills than I like later, I did it.

this photo does not do this road justice.  the hills SUUUUUUCK.

When Berkeley was first diagnosed, I felt like there wasn't anything I could do.  One of you sweet readers mentioned LLS Team in Training.  Currently I couldn't commit to structured training or a specific large event, so I didn't personally pursue that avenue.  But thankfully some of my friends did.  Kelsey, whom I have known since elementary school, and her husband Joe are currently training to run the Nike Women's Half Marathon in honor of Berk.  I'm so proud of them, training for a half marathon is no easy task, and they weren't experienced runners.  Still they knew they wanted to support Berkeley so they have stepped up to the challenge.

We will be running our half marathons the same weekend.  I wish I could run with them, but I'll do it in spirit.  Please consider donating to their team and supporting blood cancer research.  They are getting close to their goal, and together we can make a difference!


Have you ever ran with Team in Training?  Link up health and fitness related posts below! 


Sandy said...

Good for you! Children are often the best motivation there is!

Kelly Janowski said...

Go you! How inspiring. And I have runs like that too. Some days I feel like a bad ass, some days just feel like ass.