April 14, 2014

elsie - fourteen months

For some reason I feel like I went from not believing that my baby was one, to assuming she was at least 18 months old already.  Why, I have no idea.  Whatever.  Miss Elsie Jo is 14 months old (plus five days, I'm a wee bit behind).


According to our ever so accurate method of weighing her, Elsie is clocking in at a whopping 22 pounds (although that was fully clothed with a giant headband on).  Honestly I'm surprised it isn't more, the kid eats SO MUCH FOOD.  I switched her to a size four diaper, but they are still a little big, as in, if I let it get too wet and she isn't wearing pants it kind of just falls off.  Whoops.  But the threes were starting to leak at night sometimes.  She is wearing 12-18 month clothing, but still manages to fit in her 12 month onesies and blanket sleepers.  And size four shoes.

One week ago I completely weaned Elsie.  All of a sudden I was just done.  DONE DONE DONE.  I had no interest in nursing her, and I felt like her wanting to nurse in the mornings or just have some closeness was hindering her ability to sleep.  And even if it wasn't, again, I was just done.  She was able to drop all of our session without any issue, except the bedtime one.  E doesn't really seem to mind that I'm not nursing her before bed, she waves at me from her crib, says 'nigh nigh' and blows me a kiss, but then a few minutes later she is crying.  So my guess is she just isn't as relaxed when I put her in the crib without nursing.  She could care less about actually doing it, she just doesn't like handing out in her crib when she isn't on the verge of passing out.  I'm hoping she gets over it soon, because it has been taking her 35-45 minutes at least to fall asleep this week, crying on and off.


Naps are relatively consistent, sort of... if she takes one nap a day it is usually just over two hours, going down around 12:30 and up sometime between 2:30 & 3:00.  Occasionally she'll act like she wants a nap earlier in the morning, but the only way I can get two naps out of her anymore is if we'll be in the car for the second one.  If she naps in the morning there is almost zero chance of her falling asleep in her crib in the afternoon.  Before I weaned her she was going to bed at 7:30 and waking up around 5:45 (eeeeeeew).  Now she hasn't been falling asleep until 8:00 or so, and waking up between 6:15 and 6:30.  I'm sure teething plays a factor in her sleeping, but I never know how much.  She popped her 7th tooth maybe 10 days ago?  There might be more coming in but if I try and look in her mouth she pitches a big fit.  Because she's a drama queen.  Apparently it runs in the family.

Oh the fits.  Just in the last couple of weeks Elsie has starting throwing absurdly huge tantrums if something doesn't seem to be going her way, or you try to pick her up when she doesn't want you to, maybe you looked at her wrong, I don't know.  She arches her back and stretches her arms so you can't really hold her and doesn't this absolutely HORRIBLE high pitched screech thing that makes you feel like you surely must be hurting her.  It is ridiculous.  The only way to deal with it is to either throw her over your shoulder or just lay her on the floor and let her do her thing until she is over it.  I try and redirect, but it rarely works.  Unless I can redirect with food, that always works.  Food is most definitely her love language.


Elsie will try almost any food at least once.  Vegetables are her least favorite, but she still does a pretty good job eating a variety of them.  Avocados and blueberries rank at the top of her list, along with M&M's.  Whoops.  For the most part her and I just share meals, which is good and bad.  Sometimes I really don't want to share.  Back the M&M's though, the little stinker.  Ryann always has some sort of 'sweet treat' if she finishes her meals.  It is usually a dum dum or something of that sort, just a small thing.  Well Elsie has kind of picked up on that, and the other day she was pretty ticked that Ryann had a sucker, so I handed her a few M&M's from the baking cabinet.  I should have made sure to do that while she wasn't looking, because now she'll go stand in front of that cabinet and just say 'peeeassssse' over and over again with her puppy dog eyes.  I try not to give in but it is so damn cute.

For the most part E had been refusing to drink regular milk.  I have been offering it twice a day in a sippy, usually at snack and either nap or bedtime.  She always would take one sip and then give me the cup and shake her head.  At the grocery store she share a cup of chocolate milk with Ryann and absolutely loved it, because chocolate milk is the bomb of course.  So Chris brought home a bottle of strawberry milk and gave her some with dinner, naturally she chugged it.  Then I tried to give her a sippy of strawberry milk before bed and she wanted nothing to do with it.  Both times she had drank milk before it had been flavored, but had also been in a straw cup, so we dumped it in a straw cup.  Yep, she chugged it.  The next step is attempting white milk in a straw cup.  If that doesn't work I might move to almond or coconut milk to see if she'll drink those.  I'm not super concerned with getting her to drink a ton of milk, she loves cheese, but she doesn't like yogurt.  Need to get some dairy in her somehow!

Aside from the ridiculous fits I absolutely love Elsie's personality.  She is funny and spunky.  She still isn't talking a ton, but she does the cutest head nod with the cheesiest smile when you figure out what she is trying to say or what she wants.  We've moved from open mouth kisses to an adorable fish face pucker.  Whenever Ryann is going to the bathroom, E runs, well waddles, in there and blows her a kiss.  I have no idea why but it is funny.  She hides behind curtains and giggles.  Actually she giggles a lot, mostly when she is being ornery.  Which is a LOT.  She loves to open cabinets and laugh because she knows she isn't supposed to.

desperately saying 'peeeeeeease' for more crackers

Even though she still isn't saying very many words, E does seem to be trying to mimic us more and more, testing out different sounds.  She regularly seems to spout of a complete sentence, waiting for a response, even though I have no clue what she is 'talking' about.  She has added 'side' to her vocabulary, which can mean outside or slide.  She can pretty much say bubble and diaper (bah-per).  She also says 'bah bo' for belly button.  Which is an adorable belly button on her gigantic belly that she now shows to everyone quite proudly.  But be careful, she'd appreciate seeing yours as well.  She knows several body parts and animal sounds, and you can tell that her comprehension is increasing daily.

Things that E is loving lately include books (Shake a Leg is a favorite), swinging at the park, eating (duh), 'helping' me with my make-up, brushing her teeth, throwing clothes down the laundry chute and putting trash in the trash can.  Elsie still very much prefers that strangers keep a good distance from her, but she has been a little better about warming up to people as long as I am close by.  If she thinks I'm leaving her she pretty much loses her mind.  Other things she is still hating are diaper changes, clothing changes and leaving the park.


Happy 14 months baby girl.  Love you so much!

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