April 29, 2014

that's what she said

Me:  "We're going to go upstairs to the food court to eat lunch."
Ryann:  "If you want to get there quick, the trampoline is the key!"

Ryann:  "I wish I was a flying unicorn."
Me:  "Oh, that could be fun.  Why?"
Ryann:  "So I could fly away from here.  I'm mad at you."
Me:  Oh Lord "Why are you mad at me?"
Ryann:  "Because I don't like it when you tell me no."

Me:  "Why oh why is it raining so much?!?"
Ryann:  "I hate to tell you this, but I don't know."

Ryann:  daily "You ruined my WHOLE LIFE!"

Teenage years.  Can't wait.  Seriously.


I've been meaning to write a whole 'four year' post for Ryann, but obviously haven't gotten around to it.  So I thought a quick overview would be good enough.  For starters, I really think I'm going to like four.  Three was cool, it's a fun age, but threenager doesn't even begin to describe what living with a three year old can be like.  Don't get me wrong, Ryann is still full of intense emotion and flips out over the dumbest things.  But she is slightly more rational and can function a little more effectively in all aspects of life.

She is still as smart as can be, somehow managing simple addition and subtraction as well as other basic math skills, plus learning to read here and there, despite my lack of teaching her lately.  Her problem solving skills are top notch, she can come up with a solution for every situation so long as it gets her closer to her goals in life (going to the park, aquiring more unicorns and eating more sweets, things of that nature).  Ry is still a crappy eater, living mostly on chicken nuggets, PB&J, fruit and squeezy pouches, although bacon has been added to the list of acceptable food items.  I can handle that.  :o)

Over the last month an overwhelming interest in independence has surfaced, and often Ryann wants no help from anyone.  A lot of these situations end in tears when she can't quite do or figure out whatever it is she is trying to accomplish, but she radiates pride with every task she discovers she can complete on her own.  My excitement for all of this is somewhat restrained.  I wouldn't say I'm a helicopter parent per say, but I'm close.  I'm thrilled for her, and I know it will be great when she is so much more self sufficient, but it pains me to see her need me less and less.  I have a hard time stepping back and letting her figure it all out on her own.

Ry doesn't know a stranger.  She wants to talk to anyone and everyone and is never shy.  My fingers are always crossed for an empty park so I don't have to talk to anyone, while she eagerly approaches hoping for a busy day.  She yells hello to everyone on the street and passes out dandelions to anyone who will take one.  Her personality is big and bright.  I find it funny that someone as introverted as me would have to take on the task of raising someone as extroverted as her.

Parenting Ryann is no easy task, but I'm so happy she's mine :o).

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Liz Runningmomma said...

Ryann is hilarious and she definitely gets her sense of humor from you. I'm still giggling about "acquiring more unicorns"!!!! Her picture faces are priceless.