April 16, 2014

tidbits from March

Well, I figured since it was nearly halfway through April, and I suck at blogging, maybe I should just try to wrap up March in to one post and call it a day.  Sounds good enough, right?

::  March gave us our first real taste of warm weather.  It is amazing how much easier it is to handle the day when we can spend at least a little time outside.  Not to mention the witching hour (hours.  definitely plural.) between 4-6.  Outside we go!


::  We celebrated St. Patrick's Day of course.  And by celebrated I mean we wore green and took pictures.  And had rainbow fruit kabobs.  Because I'm not really sure how else we're supposed to celebrate it.  Whatever.  We took our fruit kabobs to Sarah's house for a little playdate.  The girls matching bows were a custom combo that Brittany at Pretty Little Elm whipped up at my request.  Ryann said she would only wear green if she got to wear pink too.  I can work with that!  E's onesie is from Olive & Birdie.


::  Elsie rocked an absurd number of beads.  You'd think it was Mardi Gras over here all the time.  I've decided I should probably start gifting new parents a container of beads, they've kept her pretty entertained.


::  We met up with some friends at the children's museum.  That was stupidly exhausting.  The place was packed.  Ryann and Brennan wanted to quickly move from room to room.  The little kids wanted to do their own thing.  It was just a little crazy.  But I think a little bit of fun was had.


::  Ryann got her ears piecerced!  The day before her birthday Grammy and I took the girls to the mall and got them done.  Ry surprised me by asking to get them pierced, previously she told me she wanted to wait until she was 9 or 10.  But apparently she changed her mind.  Despite me reminding her multiple times that it was going to hurt, she went through with it.  And was completely traumitzed.  More or less anyway.  When the first one went in it scared the crap out of her.  The employee quickly just did the other one and Ry started screaming.  I felt so bad, a little guilty, because she was in pain for no reason.  But I did warn her that it was going to hurt, and I'm proud of her for being brave.  She can still be a pain in the butt when we need to clean them, but now she is anxiously waiting for the day she can change her earrings.  They make her look so much older to me!


::  Christopher and Ryann attended the preschool Daddy / Daughter dance.  He said the excitement of the whole ordeal was a little much for Ry and she was just all over the place.  But they had a good time and looked really cute :o).


::  And of course we celebrated Ryann's 4th Birthday.  Auntie Lorin spent the night with us, so she joined us for a birthday breakfast.  After Ry opened one of her gifts we headed out for pancakes.  The rest of the day was spent prepping for the birthday party, and partying of course.


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