July 24, 2014

creative {dance} camp

After taking Ryann to the creative camp at my childhood dance studio last year (ah! she looks so little!), she seriously talked about it on and off for the entire year.  "When do I get to go to camp at Grammy's dance again?  When can I do dance in Topeka again?  I like the dance where we eat snack and make crafts!"  Of course to that last one, she always said the snack and the craft were her favorite parts.  But hey, she was still dancing!

Anyway, I was happy to enroll her in a session of the camp this year.  The theme of the week was Broadway, with the days including Hairspray, High School Musical, Grease and The Wizard of Oz.  Ry absolutely had a blast.  The teachers do a great job with the kids and Ry just loved going.  And I loved dressing her up everyday.  And getting to watch her dance, of course.  But getting her all dolled up makes me happy :o).

Her outfits for the week:


And the videos:

The Grease dance seriously killed me.  Her little face, and that wiggle intro?  Dead.  Just plain dead.  So much sass in her little body.  Keep on dancing pretty girl.  It is so much fun to watch!


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