July 19, 2014

the fourth {of july}

The Fourth of July used to be one of my absolute favorite holidays.  Family would come up, we'd spend all day in the pool, eat lots of good food, enjoy the fireworks and blowing stuff up.  The usual.  These days?  Well, it isn't quite the same.  But we still had a pretty good time.  :o)

I started the day off with a 6 mile run around the lake.  My cousin's son also ran, but seeing as he can run a 5:30 mile, I can't exactly say we ran together.  Ha.  But as I mentioned in an earlier post, the run actually went really well, and I went faster than I anticipated.  Part of it was that I'm terrible at pacing, and I wasn't checking my tracker.  When I looked at it shortly after a mile I was under nine minutes.  Whoops!  I didn't think I'd maintain that pace for the whole thing, but I surprised myself and finished in 51:44.  Hayden rocked it and finished in something like 40 minutes?  I don't know, speedy fast in my eyes.


After the run we sent my dad to Wal-Mart to buy a wagon for the lake parade.  We were going to bring the girls' bikes with but forgot.  Another option was to have Ryann drive the Barbie car, but, well, her driving skills could still use some work ;o).  So yes, Wal-Mart trip.  Thanks Dad!  Once it was back and put together my mom and my cousin decorated it.  Then we were off to the parade.

We had to sit for a bit before it started, and the girls were getting hot, tired and antsy.  Add that to being too close together and they were fighting before it started.  Once we got moving and they had candy to throw it was better, and Ryann claims she had fun.  So there's that.  But by the time we were done and got Elsie home she was a hot mess and in need of a nap.  We ate lunch first and when I laid her down she was out in no time.

The rest of the day was spent by the pool, eating and watching fireworks.  Not too shabby at all.

This year Ryann actually braved going out on the boat with us to watch the lake fireworks show.  Last year she was too scared but this year she was determined.  Unfortunately she was so incredibly tired when they finally started that she kept begging to just go back.  She fell asleep on the boat while the fireworks were going off.  Good try sweet girl, maybe they'll be more fun next year?

Our patriotic swimsuits were from Old Navy.  Elsie's red checked dress is from Wren & James.

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fifth house on the left | family blog said...

Adorable! Love your navy stripe dress! Old Navy too? Ps, you should do a hair tutorial for your fun braid up-do thing :)