October 15, 2014

elsie - twenty months

I've been meaning to sit down and write this for nearly a week but keep getting sidetracked.  Better get to it before I blink and the little miss is another month older.  I can't believe how close she is to two!

she would only smile if she grabbed her legs... goober.

Again, I was too lazy (or forgetful really) to get Elsie on the scale, so I have no idea how much she weighed.  My guess is somewhere between 26-27 pounds.  Her round little belly still makes quite the statement.  Her clothes are either 18-24 month or 2T.  2T is definitely a little big, but not to the point that I would consider buying anything else (as if she needs more clothes) in the 18-24 month size.  I really don't get it, all of a sudden she went from wearing a size 4 shoes, to a size 6.  Ry skipped right past the 5's too, so I shouldn't be all that surprised, but I was like wait what?  Thankfully we had borrowed some size 5's that worked for the maybe two weeks she was in them.  We've used a box of size 5 diapers, but they were a touch big and she was pissed because they covered up her belly button (naturally) so we're back to a size 4 for a bit.

hahahaha caught her falling over

Elsie is currently cutting the last three canine teeth, all at once.  I keep thinking she is doing a great job teething, which really she probably is.  Not super drooly, no fevers, sleep is relatively normal, but her attitude the last couple weeks?  OY.  I love that girl to pieces, she is so funny and cute.  But lately everything, every request, every word, is accompanied with a big ol' pile of whine.  If I remind her to nicely say please, or ask her not to whine, she changes her voice in an instant.  However her initial attempt at getting anything is always in a whiny voice.  And oh man, the ridiculous battles and power struggles we've been having lately, they are slowly killing me!  We fight over getting her diaper changed, getting in the car, getting in the crib, getting out of the crib, every little transition.


And I said that sleep was relatively normal.  In regards to the fact that when she goes to sleep she is out.  But it is the whole going to sleep that is a problem.  She has caught on to the fact that Ryann doesn't nap, and I'm pretty sure that makes her drag her feet to nap time.  And in the last month we've had several days where she stays in her crib for over an hour, never really fussing or anything, but just doesn't go to sleep.  It might have something to do with the bajillion 'buddies' she demands to take to bed.  I swear I tried to keep it to one or two stuffed guys in her crib, but then she'd cry and want this or that and I just wanted her to go to sleep so I went with it.  And now there are nine little (ish) friends in there that she has to count every night.  We've got owlie of course, and then 'second owlie' and 'rainbow kitty' that came home from Omaha, 'kitty' that she got for Christmas, 'woof woof' that came from who knows where, 'hop hop' that she stole from Ryann's room, 'neigh neigh' that came from Build a Bear, and for the life of me I somehow can't think of the other two.  But I know there are nine because again, she makes me count them each night.

So yeah, she doesn't nap a lot and then she is a real peach for the rest of the evening.  I'm assuming it is just a phase and she'll go back to napping.  But, um, what if she doesn't?  WHY DON'T MY CHILDREN NAP?!?  Ok enough of that.


The things that Elsie says lately crack me up.  Last week she held up a dish towel in front of her chest and "it fit me" like she was trying on clothes or something.  Then she tossed it over her head and said "now hiding!"  And of course I can't think of any of them right now, but she'll surprise me and string together a four word sentence.  When she counts it is always 2 3 5 6 7 9 10!  I correct her every time, but she doesn't care :o).  I think she can sing most of the ABC's too, because she'll occasionally chime in when I'm signing, but won't do it on her own.  She also sings twinkle twinkle, baa baa black sheep and a couple other songs too.  Really she knows tons of words and songs and tries to say them, it just isn't always really clear what she is trying to convey.

so many faces, so little time. haha.

Elsie is definitely turning in to a picky toddler.  The best part?  Ryann will only consistently eat peanut butter and jelly and chicken nuggets.  Elsie does not like peanut butter and jelly or chicken nuggets.  Oy, dinner goes over so well in our house these days!!  It isn't that bad, thankfully Elsie doesn't really care if she doesn't like what is on her plate, she just doesn't eat it.  Ryann was always offended by foods she didn't want and would throw a fit, so this works much better.  Elsie seems to really like different soups, it is just unfortunate that soup isn't really an easy thing for toddlers to eat.  She isn't too terrible with a spoon, but not skilled enough that I'd just give her a bowl of tomato soup.  She loves rolls and muffins, and m&m's of course.  Fruit and cheese are also at the top of her love list.  Oh, and mac 'n cheese.  For the longest time I never fed her mac 'n cheese because we just didn't eat it all that much, but now she goes nuts for it.

We can't go anywhere without someone commenting on Elsie's hair.  Telling me how beautiful it is, asking where the curls came from, wondering if the curls will last.  I can't blame them, I love her hair so much, it is adorable.  I don't think the curls will last, but one can hope.


Miss E is still my little mama's girl.  A few weeks ago she actually pushed me out the door at MDO and said "bye mama!"  And now the last two weeks she has screamed her head off walking down the hall to her classroom.  I feel so bad and guilty about it, but they assure me that she never cries for long, and she always is excited to tell me about the things she did at 'school' that day.  Aside from that, in general, she prefers to be with me.  Unless of course Grammy is an option.  She asks if we can go to Grammy's house ALL THE TIME.  The other day when we were leaving the gym I said "let's go home!" to which she responded "no home."  So I asked her, "No home?  If we don't go home where will we go?"  "Mimi's house!"  Too cute.

I need to read up on fostering sibling relationships or something, because my girls bicker and fight like crazy!  I know they're young and still learning the ways of sharing and such, but they go after each other.  And Elsie is a top notch hair puller.  She has pulled chunks of hair from Ryann's head.  CHUNKS!  Ryann doesn't have a ton of hair to begin with so it freaks me out a little.  Even with all the fighting though, I can see the love too.  There will be spontaneous hugs and kisses and cuddles, and nobody can make Elsie giggle like Ryann can.  I really hope that they can learn to be civil with each other more often, and get along.

Elsie's current favorite pop song is Fireball by Pitbull.  I know, but she loves it.  She loves to shake her little booty and yell 'fireball!'.  She loves coloring and school buses and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  She has a thing for wearing other people's shoes around the house.  She wants to help with everything, from unloading the dishwasher, to using the bathroom (whether I want help or not! and not that she wants anything to do with the potty herself.).  She is full of personality and spunk and I adore her.


Oh Elsie girl, I love you.  So much.

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