October 8, 2014

my favorite season

I dislike winter aside from the holidays.  Spring is pretty awesome.  Summer rocks too.  But fall wins.  The weather is (for the most part) wonderful, and there are all sorts of festive things to be done.  And festive outfits to be worn.  And I just love watching all the leaves change, so gorgeous.


The goal is to squeeze in a couple of pumpkin patch trips this month, but if it doesn't happen we have already gone to the Cider Mill.  Not quite the same as the pumpkin patch (they do have a patch at this mill, but it has a separate entrance fee and doesn't have as many attractions as other KC patches), but it does come with a side of cider doughnuts, heck yes!  I'm also a huge fan of the cider slushies.

The weekend we went was their Cider Fest, so there were some extra activities like the inflatable slides, pony rides and several vendors.  The cost of the different activities added up quickly, but Ryann and Elsie couldn't stop talking about the pony rides so I deemed the $10 for the two of them worth it.  Elsie kept saying "Neigh neigh go round a round!"  We met up with my bestie, her husband and little guy.  We've been friends since Meaghan and I were under two, so to get to attend activities and such with our families is surreal and just so fun.  Elsie wasn't in the best of moods that day, she hadn't napped, and also chugged and then puked up her cider, so our outing only lasted about an hour.  Ry would have stayed much later, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.


Even though it wasn't necessary a fall activity, I thought I'd throw these photos in here too.  A few weeks ago we went to Deanna Rose Farm with some friends.  All three of us brought our strollers, and wouldn't you know none of them were used.  Baby needed his mama and the toddler girls had no interest in riding.  We had fun feeding the goats though.  Elsie was so cute feeding the baby with the bottle, but she wouldn't hold on to it tightly and the little guy kept trying to steal it!  It was another day where Elsie was a bit of a pill, but she is still cutting teeth so I'm going to give her a pass for a bit longer.  We still had a great time and enjoyed being outside.


Seriously, fall just makes me giddy.  Fun things to do, great running weather, plenty of excuses to eat soup and snuggle under blankets.  I love it.

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Liz Runningmomma said...

I so agree, fall is the best! And definitely the best running weather not to mention the best races!!!