October 2, 2014

chocolate pumpkin spice cookies

Last week I posted a picture of some cookies the girls and I made on instagram...


The photo got a pretty positive response, and our family really enjoyed them (I forgot to take a 'real' picture of them for a couple days, and we ate them all!), so I figured I'd share my recipe.  Which really isn't much of a recipe at all.  At least not mine anyway.  When I spotted the kisses in the store I wasn't really sure what I'd make with them, but I was in the fall/pumpkin/etc mood so I grabbed a bag.  After trying one at home, I decided I thought they'd go well with a chocolate cookie.  I searched 'chocolate kiss cookie' on pinterest and came up with Jeanne's Chocolate Kiss Cookies on allrecipes.com.  Swapped out the chocolate kisses for the pumpkin kisses and boom.  Chocolate pumpkin spice kiss cookies.  Yum.

Just please note the part where is says the recipe yields 4 1/2 dozen.  Not that you can ever have too many cookies of course, but that is a fair amount, so halve the recipe if you really need to.  Or just send some with your hubby to work.  That is my method for getting rid of excess sweets.


Ryann and Elsie were my little helpers, Elsie dumping ingredients in and Ryann unwrapping all of the kisses.  The both love baking, mostly because they love trying to sneak as much dough and as many chocolate chips as they can, but they do like helping :o).  Well Ryann had put all of the unwrapped kisses in a bowl, and at one point I turned around and caught her biting the tips off of the kisses and tossing them back in the bowl!!  "Ryann!!  What are you doing?!?" "Mommy they taste so good I just couldn't resist them!" I couldn't help but laugh.  But then I had to dig out several 'trimmed' kisses.  Oh sweet girl, you are too funny.

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Baby Mama said...

YUM!! Those look amazing!