December 7, 2010

chocolate chip pumpkin cookies

A big thanks to my cousin's wife for suggesting that I try out chocolate chip pumpkin cookies.  I made them twice in a week.  Once to test them out, and then since we gobbled them up so fast, another time to take to our Thanksgiving.

You can find the recipe for the cookies here.  Apparently my idea of heaping tablespoons is a little bit bigger than theirs, because I got closer to 40 cookies, not 60.  Not that I need 60 cookies, but I'm just saying.  I love these cookies because they taste like pumpkin bread, without the hassle or mess of eating pumpkin bread.  What you don't make a ton of crumbs when you eat bread?  Good for you.

These cookies are another one of those cake-like cookies, and for some reason I have a terrible time telling if they are done.  So I burnt some and didn't get some quite done, but they were still relatively good either way.  Something I also learned I have no idea how to do... use the convection oven.  I thought I'd be all smart and try that and burned my cookies in 8 minutes flat (they are suppose to bake regularly in 15-20 minutes).  Fail.  Oh well.


Oh and if you saw my post about the little caption contest... thank you to those of you who played along.  I got a good laugh out of reading the comments.  It is tough to decide but I think SJ really nailed it with her straight forward, "Oh my gosh, what have they done to my hair?!?".  Love it.  SJ you win, uh, bragging rights.  :o)

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