December 28, 2010

orange honey garlic chicken

I'm not going to lie, we've been eating out a lot, or eating things like chicken nuggets we make in the oven.  But last night we actually cooked some dinner.

We tried this recipe for orange honey garlic chicken.  I figured it would be good, considering the ridiculously long name included three items that Chris and I love.  Overall the chicken had good flavor, but it turned out a little dry.  Also we checked the chicken at just over an hour in the oven and it was done.  The picture on the website has grill marks, so we might try grilling the chicken next time.  Or letting it marinate a little longer.



Heidi said...

Looks Delish!!! I was looking for a chicken recipe for tomorrow, so I think I will try it!

emily said...

oh this sounds delish!

Carrie said...

It looks really good - too bad it was a bit dry. I'll have to try the recipe, the same old chicken gets boring after a while.

Sharstin said...

that looks yums! and looks like you had a great christmas--cute picts!