December 1, 2010

a day in {my} life

I thought it was about time for me to throw in another look at a day in my life.  You may or may not be interested, but I enjoy it for the memory keeping purposes :o).  That is 90% of the reason I blog anyway.


5:40AM:  I hear some stirring on the monitor.  I glance at the clock and thank God that she slept through the night again, even if I am a little bitter that it isn't even 6 yet.  Look over at the monitor and realize I can't see her head... she is standing up.  I'm proud of her for getting so strong and all, but her method of getting down from the standing position usually ends in tears, so Chris jumps out of bed to get the monkey.  I throw on some sweat pants and go in to change her diaper while Chris makes a bottle.  Thankfully he feeds her while I take a quick shower.  When I'm all clean and dry I find the two of them in the family room, I relieve Chris so he can get ready to leave for the hospital.  In the meantime Ryann climbs all over everything and chases the cats around the house.


6:30AM:  Chris heads out for the day.  Ryann hangs out in her jumperoo while I write a quick blog post (did you check it out?  hot cocoa mix and homemade marshmallows :o)  We do a little playing, a little picking up, the usual.  Finally I decide it's time to actually blow dry my hair and put on some clothes.  Ryann finds it funny when I dry my hair, so she sits on the floor with toys and giggles.  Mid dry I hear a thump... poor baby fell over and isn't too happy about it.  We have some hugs and snuggles, and make faces in the mirror.  I sit her up between my legs on the bathmat with my cell phone, and quickly finish drying my hair.  We head to the bedroom, I decide to screw putting on real clothes and grab some comfy sweatpants and a tshirt.  While putting away some new books Ry got this weekend we read a couple.

8:00AM:  Ugh.  Time to attempt breakfast.  I try to be really enthusiastic about it so maybe Ryann will enjoy it, but it just isn't fun.  Today I make her a little bit of oatmeal with some banana mixed in.  She takes one bite, and spits the second one in my face.  I try tricking her with puffs but she just keeps spitting at me.  Won't even eat the puffs.  Breakfast fail.  So I eat my granola bar and have a glass of orange juice.  Ry gets a diaper change and some booger sucking before we head back to the family room for more climbing and playing.  She spends some time in the ball pit that her grandma gave her.  Every two minutes something makes her whiny.  I usually try to wait until 9:20 before I start putting her down for a nap, but it just isn't going to happen this morning.  Sleepy girl should get up later!  Anyway, around 8:45 we head into her room and read more books.  She helps me turn off the light, and I sit down to rock her.  Ry vocally protests until she passes out.  About 3 minutes.  Silly girl, trying to tell me you don't want a nap.  Ha.

9:05AM:  Ryann is down for her morning nap.  I catch up on some blogs and make sure I don't have any e-mails I need to respond to.  My house is an absolute disaster yet again, so some serious picking up is a must.  Unfortunately my cat, Max, is following me around the house meowing, LOUDLY, and I can see Ryann wiggle on the monitor when he does.  I'd rather her stay asleep, so I guess picking up will have to wait.  When we buy our next house I want a two story, with the master on the main level and the rest of the bedrooms upstairs.  Trying to be quiet in our current house is next to impossible.

9:53AM:  Crap.  She did NOT take a long nap.  This day is not working out in my favor.  I head to her room and find her standing in the crib.  She is so dang proud of herself :o).  Time for a diaper change, and to put on some clothes.  Ry would not stay still on the changing table while I was trying to pick out what to put on her, so I stuck her back in the crib until I had everything ready.  More standing, and a little bit of chewing on the crib rails.  Awesome.  I get her all dressed and make a bottle.  After the bottle we hang out in the family room.  She was attempting to cruise along the couch, and wiped out.  Like back of the head slamming into the floor wipe out.  Poor thing.  Seriously, get the kid a helmet!  It took lots of face making and hugs, but I finally got her calmed down.

sorry.  i couldn't resist the naked baby pictures!
11:05AM:  It is relatively chilly outside so I don't want to go out, but I'll go crazy if I hang out in the house all day.  We get all bundled up and head out to JoAnns.  I want some scrapbook paper, and some other random stuff to put in plastic water bottles for Ryann.  She loves to play with water bottles, so I thought I'd make them even more exciting.  We are on our merry little way, when I realize they have rerouted the highway yet again, just a little too late.  So we are heading in the wrong direction.  Oh well, I decide to get off at the next exit and head back to where we want to be.  And then I hear Ry in the back, pooping.  Ugh, go figure.  I decide our little trip is apparently too much effort and just turn around and go home to change the stinky one.  As soon as we get home I get a phone call, one of my clients is coming over in an hour to pick up her save the dates.  The front room of my house is a MESS, so after the diaper change we (ok I) do a quick clean up.  Then it is back to the family room for some more climbing and playing.

12:15PM:  Time for lunch!  I heat up some mashed potatoes for Ry, praying that she will eat a little bit.  She refuses the spoon right away.  I was able to sneak in one bit with Chris's 'puff method', but every time after that she just spits at me.  So I eat the mashed potatoes, and a piece of cold pizza.  I know you're jealous.  After lunch I really need to get a load started in the dishwasher.  Ryann hangs out on the floor with some various objects, while I try and get the dishwasher loaded as quickly as possible.  I get about two minutes before she is climbing my leg, trying to stand by the cabinets, and attempting to climb on the dishwasher.  So we played a little game.  I would put her on the other side of the room, run and get a couple of dishes in while she crawled back to me... this continued about four times before I had everything and ready to go.  We played a little longer until my client showed up.  Then it was time for books and a nap.

1:10PM:  Ryann is napping, hopefully for more than an hour.  My fingers are crossed.  I spend a little bit of time on the computer, and then because Max is still pestering me I make sure the cats have food and water (That sounds horrible, but he is usually whining because one of them pooped on the floor, since Ryann was born that is how they are rebelling.  Awesome, I know).  Turns out he was thirsty.  Sorry Max.  Next on the to-do list?  Figuring out what we are going to make for dinner.  I really want to keep cleaning and picking up, but I have no desire to wake her up.  I feel like since she has turned absolutely mobile, I can't get ANYTHING done.

2:17PM:  Well, she slept an hour, but not really as long as I was hoping.  I head to her room and find her what else, standing in her crib.  I'm pretty sure she would like to be standing all the time.  She gets a diaper change and a bottle.  We play a little in the family room, and then I decide I absolutely have to get something accomplished cleaning wise.  So I decided to drag the jumperoo in the kitchen.  We had gotten some more bottles of puffs and other random baby stuff that didn't fit in our pantry so I cleaned out any old food and rearranged.  Then the counters got a good wipe down.  All while listening to some Christmas tunes :o).  Ryann only lasted about 20 minutes before she wanted out, so we had a little dance party in the kitchen.  She looked at me like I was crazy.  Go figure.

3:30PM:  We head back to the family room for some more play time.  Ry is trying to cruise along the couch and get the cats.  She is better at going left than right, when she goes to the right she keeps stepping on her feet and gets tripped up.  At one point she decides it is an excellent idea to let go and throw her head back.  Uh, not a good plan.  I try making silly faces and singing to her but she is a little too upset.  So we head to her room and read a few books.  I consider attempting our JoAnns outing again, but decide it isn't worth the hassle.  We play lots of peekaboo, do lots of tickling, and chase after the cats.  Chris texts me to let me know he is on his way home, and because Ry is out of steam I decide 20 minutes of TV isn't the end of the world, plus Happy Feet was on.

5:30PM:  Chris is home, hooray!  He grabs baby girl and gets her ready for her dinner, while I start making ours.  Nothing fancy, just one of those dinners where I boil some pasta, and throw chicken, broccoli and mushrooms in a pan with some random stuff.  It works.  Whatever.  Once I get our dinner all made I cover it with foil, Ry needs a bath and bedtime more than we need to eat.

why dad?  i really dislike solids.  unless it's sweet potatoes.

6:15PM:  Bathtime!  Chris gives Ry a bath while I get a bottle ready.  After her bath she gets dried off, lathered with lotion, and cleared out with a little saline.  We also give her some tylenol to combat the teething pain.  I give Ry a bottle and read her 'Night Night Little Pookie'.  We put a little bit of orajel on her gums and I rock her to sleep.

7:00PM:  Ry is out so Chris and I finally sit down (uh, on the floor in the family room) to eat dinner.  We finish watching Happy Feet in the process.  Around 7:40 Ry wakes up crying.  This happens pretty often shortly after she is down for the night, but usually after two or three minutes she falls back asleep.  However by the ten minute mark it had escalated to her standing in the crib crying.  So I rocked her back to sleep.  Honestly?  Tuesday nights (ok and Thursdays, and a little bit on Wednesday) are my TV night.  So I spent the rest of the evening watching my shows... Biggest Loser, 19 Kids and Counting and 16 & Pregnant.  I'm a little embarrassed that those are my shows, but whatever.

10:45PM:  I finally finish up all of my shows.  I consider finishing up this post so it can run in the morning, but I decide I will be forgiven if it posts a little (turns out a lot) late.  Good night!

And just for your information, currently my most used/favorite baby products...
1.  Summer Infant Hand Held Video Monitor
Love this thing.  Seriously.  I would be lost without our video monitor.  I can tell when she needs my help, and when she is still half asleep just fussing.
2.  Pottery Barn Anywhere Chair
Ryann loves loves loves to play in it.  Ok climb on it.  Plus it is adorable.  I know it will get lots and lots of good use.  Thanks Nancy!
3.  Sleep Sacks (the ones made by Carters and the Halo Sleep Sacks)
I don't know what I'll do when Ryann can't sleep in them anymore.  It is nice to know that she will stay warm in cozy and not roll out from under a blanket.  Their only downside?  I think they make it a little more difficult for her to stand in the crib, which would be ok, but she is going to do it anyway.  So we might have to give them up sooner than I want.


It is crazy how different my day is compared to the last time I posted it.  But the even more crazy thing is how different it has been every month since that post.  I could probably write a new post every ten days and stuff would change.

Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday!  Chris only had to go in for rounds this morning, and he picked me up a bagel on the way home, so I definitely am :o).


Kristy said...

Those are my favorite shows too (: Only, I can never seem to manage to sit down at night and watch my shows. So I DVR them and catch up while doing chores or during Lia's nap the next day!

Kalen said...

Sounds soooo busy. :) And Everly & Ry have a lot in common! Everly protests naps (and takes short ones), wakes up at even the smallest noise, and loves water bottles!

For the solids - I'm sure you've tried everything. Did you try mixing solids with sweet potatoes if that's what she likes so much? Like maybe 3/4 sweet potatoes, 1/4 carrots, then slowly make it where there are more carrots than sweet potatoes? Dunno if that'd work or not. So sorry it's been frustrating for you. :(

The Bignon Family said...

She is precious as always! Isn't it funny how days just fly by like that with the little things just adding up. And we have the Pottery Barn chair too and I bought it because I thought it was so cute and for decor.....I never realized it would become one of his favorite "toys". That thing is perfect for learning how to stand!

Erin said...

I was JUST thinking about how I want to write another one of these posts because it feels like my days are so different now. Your day sounds absolutely exhausting. I'm seriously tired just reading that. You're doing an awesome job!

Sabrina at Tutus and Chaos said...

When my son outgrew sleep sacks we moved onto the Woombie. It was seriously the best baby item I ever bought. Wish I had discovered it sooner! I think the site is