December 12, 2010

weekday phone pic recap

Amy over at a good life has started a weekly blog linky.  It is a weekday recap in camera phone photos.  So in my case, my iPhone pics.


Ry and I spent most of the day at home.  She snagged an ornament off the tree, we did some laundry (she gets a laundry basket ride downstairs), we made a quick grocery store run and I almost finished my ornament wreath.  I just need to find a ribbon to cover the hanger so it doesn't look so ghetto.


Another day spent hanging out at home.  Chris and I had an incredibly classy dinner, honey chicken tenders, texas toast and a fruit cup.


On Wednesday Chris only had to go in for rounds (well, and an evening class), so when he came home we attempted to go get the second dose of Ry's flu shot.  I failed to get an appointment scheduled at her pedi's office and they ran out, so they told me to go to the county health clinic, where I was refused because we have insurance.  They wouldn't let me pay in cash.  Lame.  Ry hung out in the bouncer while I made some no-bake cookies.


You can read about my Thursday in this post... oy.  :o)


Friday we headed over to Jenn and JT's house for a little playdate.  Always tons of fun.  Ryann didn't want to pose for any pictures with JT, but we made her do it anyway :o).  We of course read some books, and don't you just love her little ducky bath cape?  Ok, it's not a cape, but that is what Chris was going for.  Super cute.

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Nicole said...

Such a fun idea!

Found your blog a few months ago via All Things G&D and love checking in to read! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Ashley do you you know how to upload pictures from your phone to your blog from your iphone, I have the mobile blog download and I can send regular messages just not any pictures. Do you have any suggestions for me?


Anonymous said...

Never mind I just noticed that you were using blogpress which makes a lot better sense. Thank you anyway.