December 24, 2010

dear teething...

Thank you for making Christmas on the verge of unbearable.

All my little girl wants from Santa is more Tylenol. The two front teeth are already in the works.

We are still having a good time, it just definitely isn't ideal. As in we watched A Bug's Life at 2am because Ry wouldn't sleep last night.

Merry Christmas!

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Bri said...

Oh no! We are totally in the same least I think anyway. Rilo was off and on miserable today. So sad!

Merry Christmas!

Ashley said...

Similar situations however Lilly has a fever. Poor baby spent most of Christmas Eve on the couch watching Elmo and Cinderella.

Merry Christmas, Ashley!

Anonymous said...

Having a deployed husband and father deployed while we are living thousands of miles away from family isn't making ours the merriest either: (

bobbi said...

I have been a "silent follower" of your blog, however I had to come out and let you know of these great tabs that help with teething. My sister used them for her daughter during this difficult time and they worked wonders and are all natural. They are called Hylands Teething tablets. Check them out. They could be hard to find but I found something similar at CVS in their baby section. Good Luck with everthing.