December 10, 2010

one of those days

It's a good thing my baby is absolutely adorable, because yesterday my patience was definitely tested.  My morning started at 4:15AM.  No thanks.  She woke up, I got her back to sleep, she woke up, I got her back to sleep, she woke up, I gave up on getting to go back to bed and held her while she slept.

she hangs out in this position a lot now

At nap time it was an all out battle.  She had no desire to take a nap, but screamed if I left her in her crib.  After 45 minutes I finally gave her a bottle (she had eaten just over an hour before, she wasn't really hungry) and she fell asleep.  But we had playgroup and dang it I wanted to go, so even though for once in a long while she was sleeping for more than an hour, I woke her to go.

Playgroup was fun, Ry was happy, it was great to get out.  We came home, Ry had a bottle, we played, yadda yadda.  Then it was nap time again.  Ry was not amused.  There was kicking, hitting, hair pulling and screaming.  I'm pretty sure it was payback for waking her earlier.  That girl is strong.  I left her in the crib.  She cruised around the cribs doing laps for 30 minutes before she finally decided she was done being alone.  I went back in to try and put her to sleep.  No luck.  I tried taking her to our bed and snuggling her.  She instead amused herself by sticking her fingers in my nose and trying to play peekaboo.  I was taking every ounce of energy I had left not to crack up at her.  She was having such a good time.  I tried giving her a bottle.  No dice, she wasn't taking a nap.

I feel like she looks old in this outfit :o)

So we played some more.  Ry was getting cranky (for no obvious reason of course :o) so I turned on America's Funniest Home Videos and gave her my cell phone to play with.  10 minutes later I realize she has fallen asleep sitting up in my lap.  I tried saying her name, tickling her, rubbing her head, she just grunted at me.  So I cuddled with her and let her sleep for half an hour.

the only way I could get any pictures of her?  take the strap off my camera... too bad she wouldn't look at me

Daddy came home bringing me Panera for dinner.  Ry and I enjoyed some broccoli cheese soup.  She loves that stuff.  But then she gagged on a puff and threw up all over herself.  So she played for a little longer sans clothes...

 this is one of those 'hate you for the rest of my life' photos

We had a good time.  She took a bath and had her bottle.  And another all out sleep battle followed.  Thankfully leaving her alone in her crib for ten minutes was all it took for her to be ready for sleep.

Seriously, if she didn't need to sleep (and I didn't need 30 minutes to myself her and there) life with Ry would be easy peasy all the time.  Stupid sleep.


Meredith said...

The sleep battles are so hard! I feel like they never end! Thinking of you :)

Kalen said...

OK so I'm only throwing this out there because it works sometimes for us. If Everly won't take a nap and I need that time to myself, I give her a bath in the middle of the day (I actually rarely do a bath at night time). It konks. her. out. And my child fights EVERY nap EVERY single time. It's the only way I can get an hour or longer of a nap out of her. If you need a shower, you can even try taking Ry in the bath with you and just letting her hear the water/play & then seeing if it works. Might be worth a shot! :)

Otherwise - you're right, she was made so adorable for a reason! haha

Anonymous said...

We've got the same naptime/bedtime/bottle battles going on here. So, not that it necessarily makes you feel any better, but you're not alone! Here's hoping Ryann finally naps and/or goes to bed for you soon.

Anonymous said...

Must be the time of the year because we're having similar battles at our house. Most days I've been giving in and just sleeping with him in bed with me - after the 4th time of getting out of bed to go back into lay him down (he was standing, screaming and bouncing) I just wanted my sleep.