June 17, 2012

that's what she said

Thursday Ryann was chock full of interesting conversations...

when I went to get her in the morning
Me:  "Guess who is coming to play with us today?"
Ryann:  "GRAMMY!"
Me:  "Yep!  We're going to go shopping.  What should we shop for?"
Ryann:  "Presents."
Me:  "Presents?  For who?"
Ryann:  "Daddy and Papa."
Me:  I guess I did tell her father's day was coming up... "Daddy and Papa.  How come?"
Ryann:  "Because I want to celebrate them!"

at breakfast
Ryann:  "We need to go somewhere.  We need to go to Target."
Me:  "Target?  Why do we need to go to Target?"  because you always need to go to Target, duh
Ryann:  "To buy new toys!"
Me:  "New toys?!?!  What about all the toys in the family room?  Should we just get rid of them?"
Ryann:  "Yep.  And buy new ones at Target."

in the car
Ryann:  "Look!  It's KU!"
Me:  "What?  Where do you see KU?"  thinking maybe she saw a sticker on a car or something
Ryann:  "Over there!  It's KU!"
Me:  realizing what she is pointing at "Sweetie, that is a cemetery."
Ryann:  "A cemetery... dinosaurs live there."

Oh, and today... before we laid her down for nap
 Ryann:  "I don't want to sleep EVER. AGAIN.

Not cool child, not cool.  And wouldn't you know she didn't fall asleep for nap.  Nope.  Just laid in her crib yelling all the songs she knows at the top of her lungs yet again.  I can't decide if it is a good thing or a bad thing that she knows a lot of songs...



Former Fat Bride said...

I love these posts :) They give me the biggest smile!

Meredith said...

You KNOW I relate to the "EVER. AGAIN." line. HA!

Love these all--too cute!

lindsay said...

she is so funny! love how she loves target...thank goodness i have a boy otherwise i would be a target a lot more than twice a week! ;0)

amy@agoodlife said...

she is such a smarty pants!!

B Walker said...

I love this! What a silly girl. :o)