June 15, 2012

just like old times

I would love to toss a post of a little more interest, like I don't know, the party pics that are a million days overdue.  But I can't concentrate because a certain little someone is not napping, and instead singing every song she knows at the top of her lungs and just straight up screaming (not crying) because she doesn't want to nap.

For the record child?  You will be taking a 'nap' until you are in all day school.  Or I will lose my mind.  Mmmmkay?

Anyway... I was going to 'embrace the camera' with these pics yesterday.  But Emily didn't host this week.  And well, I never got them up.  So there.  This past weekend I got to relive high school a bit when I went back home for a little Dance Factory reunion.  I spent A LOT of my time at the DF for 19 years straight.  It was so great to be back.


For the record?  We've still got it.  The alumni rocked it in the recital.  And Ryann had a good time watching mommy on stage.  I hope and pray that she will want to dance when she is older.  The studio owner said it best... Dance brought us together, but it turns into so much more.  Those girls were my best friends.  We danced together.  We had fun together.  We grew up together.  They supported me when I needed it and celebrated my successes, as I did with them.

Can't wait until the next reunion!


Anonymous said...

You looked so great in those pictures! Glad you had such a great time!

Claire said...

So glad you had a great reunion! You look great!

Kelly said...

Let's see some video! I want to see you guys perform :)

Tara said...

Didn't mean to make you feel guilty about the party post :) What a great idea, a dance reunion. There are so many people from my studio I would love to see!