June 25, 2012

week in iphone pics

Bear with me (or is it bare in this instance?  I have no idea right now, just deal with it).  I think I'm just going to toss up four posts today.  You know because that is how blogging is supposed to go right?  You don't post for a few days, and then you stick up four posts worth of pretty much just pictures of your kid and everyone is happy, right?  Right.  Anyway, last weeks iphone pictures, broken up in to two parts.


father's day.  socks.  testing out headphones.  headphones = happy airplane ride for EVERYONE.  pout pout fish.  playing chicken with the waves.  me and my girl.  photo bombing husband.  my mama and i.  the hubs.  me and my girl, again.  morning family walk.  beach exploring.  chillaxin'.  my little princess in pink.


more beach time.  testing the waves.  ICE CREAM.  the beach.  taking on the waves.  i am the luckiest.  running to moo cow.  humidity curls.  blue ice cream tongue.  view for the morning walk.  watching planes.  owlie.  wings.  my little traveler.  exhausted. 

And yes, my child has a million swimsuits.  I can't help myself.  I mean, I can't help myself with her cute little clothes, and then throw adorable freaking little swimsuits into the mix?  Especially when you get them on sale...  For the record, she has a mix of 2T and 3T.  The 2Ts are fine right now, but I'm pretty sure they won't fit by the end of August, and definitely not in the fall if we happen to go to Georgia again while it is still warm enough.  The 3Ts are a little big, but not always noticeably so, therefore she has an abundance of suits she can wear right now.  But I didn't want to wait to grab any 3Ts just in case I really needed them and couldn't find any I liked.  Silly, sure, but whatever.

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