June 20, 2012

project 366 {week 24}


For the record, I haven't fallen off the face of the Earth or anything.  I know my blogging has been pathetic lately, but between being busy and falling hard for reading books again, I haven't much time for the computer.  Not to mention a certain little someone is trying to avoid sleeping at all possible costs.  There is no way I'm giving up nap time before she is four, even if she doesn't sleep there will be quiet time!  Just means we need to move to a big girl bed so the kid will stop trying to climb out of the crib...

Oy.  On another note, I have some (err nearly three month old) party photos uploaded to flickr finally.  So maybe, just maybe, I'll put a post together by the end of the week.  But don't hold your breath!  :o)


Ashley@MarriedLane said...

I just did a similar post (minus the adorable photos) about how blogging isn't a priority for me right now. My mom reminded me that putting my kids first means I've got my priorities right where they need to be - and so do you! Keep your little one happy, take time for yourself, and enjoy your summer - we won't hold our breath ;)

ps. the stubborn dandelion made me laugh out loud. I love your captions!

Melissa said...

I love these posts! Your pictures are amazing and she is going to LOVE these for years to come. 1000 extra credit mom points coming your way! :)

lindsay said...

omg! your dance party photo is beautiful!!!!! i would be lucky to get light like that in my house! i feel your pain, my blogging these days sucks and so does my amount of picture taking too. ugh!

Kelly said...

Good for you! We all need a break now and then and sometimes focus our energies into something else for a bit. I have definitely gotten more into reading lately and it is such a nice escape!