June 10, 2012

week in iphone pics

Wow.  Life really isn't slowing down any time soon.  I haven't been on the computer since Wednesday.  WEDNESDAY!  People.  That is THREE WHOLE DAYS not really accessing the internet.  I think that is some sort of record for me.  I did get on my phone here and there, so I didn't make it without technology (of course), but still.

So I'm throwing up a whole bunch of instagram pics, because I'm of course behind on those again.  These are from May 27th - June 2nd.  Keeping it short and sweet and overloaded with pics...


iphone = happiness.  sun worshiper.  tall slide.  belly swinging.  fun with the boys.  peaceful shopping.  train riding.  road trip.  cutest photographer in training ever.  designated button pusher.  old photos.  tired.  whee!  adele.  laundry basket baking.  cloud dough.  MESSY cloud dough.  rockstars.  donut making.  nutella glaze.  10k finishers.  sleepy babe.  kitchen rug snacktime.  my little champion.

And another giant collage of photos... these from last week, June 3rd - 9th.


morning person.  acting like a baby.  just because.  barbell strength.  emotional.  cheese.  sprinkler fun.  sassy snack time.  self portrait.  carousel.  elevator ride.  new hair do.  post nap snack.  sibling love.  a day at the farm.  my little butterfly.  helping.  a fabulous combo.  happy face?  captivating read.  scribbles.  picnic time.  pool baby.  sunning with my girls.  boating with papa.  the boat broke :o(.  five and a half hours.  just like old times.  she watched me dance.  unplanned coordination.  girlfriends.  sucker stealer.  performance time.

It was a fun filled crazy week.  If we weren't out doing something I was reading.  Two books in three days, not too shabby.

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Sharstin said...

looks at the fun heap of great picts!